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    REVIEW: Sideshow Collectibles Predator Bad Blood Statue

    Expanded Universe Character Brings The Ferocity...

    Priced at $299.99 with a payment plan available, the Predator Bad Blood Statue is IN-STOCK NOW and ready to become the centerpiece of your Predator collection.

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    “Predator” is a name that immediately summons specific images, notably the creature first seen in the 1987 film by the same name. The unique, fearsome design of the alien warrior created by Stan Winston had an instant impact on fans and created a lasting impression on pop culture that would help to spawn multiple film sequels as well as comics, video games, toys, novels, and much more. The hulking stature, unique mandibular head, wicked claws, and of course the intricate clothing, armor, and weapons all combine into quite the iconic image. Sideshow Collectibles has created a number of amazing Predator products over the years, celebrating the distinctive characters as they’ve appeared in films... and in some incredibly inventive original portrayals. The latest statue is called simply Predator Bad Blood, and it’s one heck of an imposing piece!

    Ever since the first film, it’s been established that Predators exist to hunt animals and other sentient species, the more deadly and dangerous the better. Throughout the franchise we’ve seen them stalking humans on multiple occasions as well as alien xenomorphs, though their trophy walls contain teasing glimpses at skulls from other alien creatures. The most recent film, 2010’s Predators, introduced varying “tribes” and versions of the creatures who apparently hunt and kill each other, adding another dimension to the Predator mythology. And that leads appropriately into this new statue, referred to by Sideshow as a “rogue Predator” that obviously relishes hunting its own species and is quite good at it.

    As good as their products are, Sideshow Collectibles also never skimps on the packaging for them. The Predator Bad Blood statue comes to you in a massive box measuring nearly two feet tall, 10 inches wide, and 20 inches long. With images appearing out of a sleek black background, the package is very cool and definitely display-worthy if that’s your thing. The front panel features the iconic Predator title at the top (and a much smaller “Bad Blood Statue”) above a huge image of the statue’s leering face. At the very bottom corners are 20th Century Fox and Sideshow logos. The side panels of the box are decorated with close up photos of the Predator skulls mounted over and behind the Bad Blood hunter’s shoulders, while the package’s bottom panel has more logos, info, and the edition number (out of only 1,500). The back panel of the box has the Predator logo running down the side next to and behind a full scale beauty shot of the statue.

    Inside the box you’ll find the typical giant styrofoam coffin specially molded to hold all of the Bad Blood parts. But don’t worry; assembly is easy and quick. The statue’s base (with the edition number and cool graphics on its underside) has two notches for the Predator’s feet, which lock in securely. Each weapon-wielding hand plugs into its respective arm, with only a little bit of wiggling required to get the left hand all the way on through the decapitated head’s dread-locks. Finally, the two Predator skulls plug into the posts behind the figure’s shoulders and stay secure with heavy duty magnets. Put all of that together and you’ve got an imposing character standing about 16 inches tall (nearly 19 inches to the top of his axe!). This thing oozes personality, even if you know very little about Predator. It’s immediately obvious that he’s a badass, sure. But look closer. You’ll notice that while he’s taken out many of his brethren he doesn’t use technology; let alone a shoulder-mounted plasma cannon you won’t even find a mask or wrist device. His hunts haven’t left his unscathed either; in addition to the scars crisscrossing his body he’s lost an eye and one and a half tusks, and the skin of one of his mandibles has been slashed.

    It’s Sideshow, so even if you didn’t have the photos to go along with this review you know that the sculpt is fantastic. The design and sculpt of Bad Blood is credited to the Thai artist Narin, who is known for his imaginative Predator creations. This one surely ranks among the best of those. The Predator has an intricate musculature that really catches your eye because it’s just far enough from human to be noticeable. There’s excellent texture work on veins, scars, and spiky lower legs. This savage Predator wears very little in the way of clothing (and no armor), but what’s there is covered in decorative elements like the studded wrist guards, segmented belt, and complex greaves. There are no fewer than three Predator heads (and an additional three skulls) on this statue, and each and every one has a great sculpt with a lot of personality. Just one look at this monster’s face and you can see the rage and triumph in his howl and single remaining eye. And that’s not nearly all. The fantastic axe, skulls, and that base are incredible, a real feast for the senses as you continue to notice more and more detail every time you look at it.

    Paint on the Bad Blood Predator is bold and dynamic, with some nice accents that tie the piece together. Since he’s mostly unclothed the warrior is predominantly browns and blacks, with varying hues and patterning across his body. There’s a lot of asymmetry in that which is nice, drawing the eye in different directions. Similarly, the patchwork scars break up the patterns even more. The metal used by this Predator is all dark and burnished, like bronze and gold. As you travel up the creature’s body his torso and face are lighter colored lighter and with fewer black spots, and at the head there is good contrast between the bleached skulls, the bone decorations, and the wet, pink flesh of its mouth against the dark black “dread-locks.” Predator blood is a bright, glowing green, and while the main man doesn’t shed any of his there’s a nice framing trio of ichor at the top of his axe, covering his spear and oozing from the head there, and flowing from the dismembered corpse at his feet. In some spots the paint job seems to lack subtlety somewhat (examples being the face of the decapitated Predator and the big pink scar on the statue’s thigh), but overall it is very good.

    For Predator and sci-fi fans, this is an incredible and unique piece that will be an instant conversation piece in your collection. It’s certainly not for everyone with its raw depiction of brutal violence and gore, but for those who are into that sort of thing... well, you know who you are! We’re currently in a bit of a renaissance when it comes to Predator (and Alien), a time when there are tons of products out there and readily available. It’s great to see that there’s still some room for original ideas and interpretations, and none do it better than Bad Blood. Get yours today for the well-deserved price of $299.99 (or via payment plan) at Sideshow Collectibles.

    Review and photos by Scott Rubin.

    Review sample courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles.
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