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    REVIEW: ThreeA Halo 1/6th Scale Commander Carter

    ThreeA Impresses Fans With New 1/6th HALO Hero...

    For a great selection of HALO action figures and collectibles, be sure to check out

    Few video game properties have impressed fans as much as HALO. What began in 2001 has now, over a decade later, lead to 7 video games, at least two films, a number of comic and book series and nearly countless action figures from a variety of companies. For those HALO die-hard fans and those 1/6th fans who have been waiting for the perfect HALO collectible, ThreeA has released one of the premiere collectibles based on the video game series with the 1/6th Scale Commander Carter Action Figure.

    A Spartan-III commando and trained member of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command attached to Special Warfare Group Three, Carter-A259 was the leader of Noble Team, an elite Spartan strike force who fought during the Fall of Reach (as seen in the video game Halo: Reach). Call sign Noble One, Commander Carter was one of the two survivors of the original Noble Team prior to the Fall of Reach. A trustworthy leader who inspires confidence in those under his command, Carter leads from the front, is cool under pressure and charismatic.

    While Master Chief is by no means the main character of the HALO Universe, were a company looking to base a collectible on another highly sought after character with a cool personality and design, Commander Carter is the right pick. Thus, it's no surprise really ThreeA, known for going the less traditional route, choose to make Carter their initial release in the 1/6th scale HALO line of figures.


    Packaged in an over-sized black and white box with a removable lid, the figure comes well protected thanks to the durable construction and molded plastic interior which houses the figure. Ready for display, the detailed graphics on both the front and back provide information about the figure as well as the variety of accessories which are included.


    Based on the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor Mark V/K variant worn by Carter in the Halo: Reach game, this figure will impress even non-fans with its detailed design, removable armor and various accessories. With top-notch sculpting, the power armor provides an awesome 1/6th scale three-dimensional representation of the video game character.

    The power armor is made of a high density, injection molded durable plastic while the bodysuit underneath the external power armor is made of a durable, pliable rubber which provides a pliable covering over the poseable body underneath.


    The game accurate armor and accessories feature a modular design with removable pieces, each attaching via magnets or molded tension points. The shoulder armor, butt pack and grenades attach via magnets to points located on the shoulders, lower back and hips (respectively). The magnets at these points are solid and provide plenty of retention.

    These removable armor pieces and packs provide optional looks for various displays. While the standard look includes all packs, armor and pouches attached, display options with this figure could include all or none of the armor pieces and pouches. As for weaponry, the figure includes both a combat saber with sheath and the M-392 Designated Marksmen Rifle (DMR). Both of Carterís weapons, like the pouches and armor plates, attach to the figure via magnets at designated attachment points, specifically Ė the saber sheath attaches to the left upper shoulder/chest and the rifle to the upper back.

    Unfortunately, the saber sheath doesnít balance well unless the saber is in the sheath. If the saber is not in the sheath, the sheath wants to spin out of place when attached. Likewise, the rifle doesnít want to stay attached or balance on the back and I had a number of issues attaching the rifle to the back via the hidden magnets.


    Standing slightly over 14" tall, the figure's bulky armor and rubber bodysuit donít restrict poseability as much as expected. The figure features over 35 points of articulation, though most of it is in the hands, which include individually articulated fingers (for a total of 12+ points of articulation in each hand). Otherwise, the figure features a ball-jointed neck and shoulders, hinge biceps and knees and peg wrists and ankles.

    The articulation points are hidden thanks to the rubber bodysuit, which helps blend the articulation into the sculpt. However, the lack of chest or waist articulation combined with the restrictive rubber bodysuit will probably disappoint collectors expecting the super-articulation featured on TrueType-style 12Ē figures. That said, considering the sheer mass and size of this figure (at over 14Ē tall) and the bulky design of the armor, the articulation here provides collectors with ample opportunity to pose Commander Carter.


    Maybe most impressive, the paint application on Carter provides the detailed sculpt with even more game accuracy, the blue and gray armored plating brings to life the MJOLNIR armor complete with strips, logos, decals, and battle wear. The paint application additionally provides the armor with a battle worn look which gives the armor depth and age. Even the black bodysuit features this dry brushing, which brings out the details of each part and piece.


    Fans of light-up features will smile when they get the ThreeA HALO Commander Carter figure as it features one of the coolest and most unique light-up features in a long time. The back and upper arms house the small batteries (six 377 and two 626, not included), which power the small blue lights in the helmet, chest, back, biceps and thighs. Sadly, itís nearly impossible to fit three 377 batteries in the arms but two work just as well. Likewise, the on/off switches arenít easily accessible; in fact, the one to light the helmet, chest, back and thighs is actually behind the back plate, meaning you have to take the back plate off in order to turn the lights on. Honestly, this means this feature will rarely Ė if ever Ė be used in my house and Iím guessing Iím not alone on that. That said, this being the first foray for ThreeA into this sort of feature, Iíll be looking for the company to improve this feature in future figures.


    With a retail price of $219.99, Commander Carter can be found at for $209.99, $10 less than retail. For die-hard HALO collectors and fans, the ThreeA Commander Carter 1/6th Scale Figure is a must have as itís the definitive 1/6th scale HALO collectible currently available and one of the most impressive pieces so far released from any company over the last 12 years. In fact, Iím sure there are some sci-fi and 1/6th scale figure collectors who arenít fans of HALO whoíll no doubt pick up this figure as itís simply an awesome looking collectible worth owning and displaying.

    For those fans who are HALO fans, be sure to pick up your copy of this amazing figure at; and be sure to check out their amazing assortment of other HALO collectibles as well, including the new Square Enix HALO 4 Play Arts Kai figures , which weíll be reviewing soon.

    Review and Photos by Jess C. Horsley

    Review Sample Courtesy of

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