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    REVIEW: Sideshow Collectibles Predators - The Berserker Maquette

    The Monstrous Predator On Display And Ready To Rampage...

    Order your own The Berserker Maquette from Sideshow Collectible's website, on sale now!

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    When 2010's Predators hit cinemas, fans the world over were a bit shocked at the redesigned Super Predators which graced the screen. Three new Yautja - Falconer, Tracker and Mr. Black (aka The Berserker) - were larger, more reptilian and while using similar weapons, seemed more technologically advanced than those previous, smaller Predators fans had seen on-screen. It's no surprise various collectibles companies - including Hot Toys, NECA and Sideshow - developed and released a variety of action figures, pop culture collectibles and high-end statues based on these three new hunters and we've previously reviewed a number of these pieces, including the Sideshow Collectibles' The Tracker Maquette. Now, thanks to Sideshow Collectibles, we're reviewing The Berserker Maquette.


    Like previously reviewed Sideshow statues, the exterior box features attractive, attention-grabbing graphics which provides fans and potential buyers a stylized look at the statue as well as some basic information about the character and/or property. The massive package (21" high, 12" wide and 12" deep), houses the four individual pieces which form the statue, which stands nearly 16" high and 12" around. As with other Sideshow polystone statues, the four individual pieces - based, body, head and shoulder cannon - come wrapped and securely packaged in form-fit areas in the Styrofoam interior, thus protecting each from damage and ensuring each arrives ready for display.


    Thanks to the KNB EFX Group and Sideshow's very talented Jesse Lincoln, this piece beautifully comes to life. The sculpting - accurately based on the character design seen in the film - shows The Berserker at a full sprint launching himself off of a log and over a small body of water in anticipation of running down and slaughtering his latest game.

    Personally, I think this is a somewhat odd choice for a fixed-posed statue. The permanence of this dynamic sprinting pose makes The Berserker Maquette seem almost out of place compared to other Predator statues. While The Tracker Maquette stands with chain in hand, his horrible hunting hound at the ready, and The Falconer Maquette comes crouching atop a pile of skulls hunting blade extended, this statue of The Berserker shows the default leader of the pack running. To where and after what can only be guessed, though one would think it's after some prey instead of away from any danger. Personally, I'm not sure the dynamic pose is a good thing or bad thing. Some may consider it too odd to add to their collection while others may find this an engaging addition to their display. After all, it's fairly rare to find a statue sculpted in this extreme of a pose.

    Sculpted in accurate 1/6th scale (with the Predator approximately 14.5" tall), the base of the statue is approximately 12" around and is likewise impressively sculpted with a fallen tree, foliage and a variety of rocks (below). The small boulders and rocks as well as the foliage provide an interesting setting for the statue's base while and the fallen tree plays an integral part of the statue's pose. Most impressive, the clear shiny portion of the base provides an awesome water-effect. In fact, the base is one of the coolest parts of this piece and really helps set the scene.


    As for the paint application, this Predator stands out from others thanks to its gray, white, black and red skin coloring. I've heard from some fans who've expressed concerns regarding the paints on The Berserker Maquette; however, from everything I've seen here, there's little room for concern. If anything, the red blotches on the skin, which may seem oddly placed on some parts of the Predator's body (neck, hands and back) give the Predator an interesting depth and texture. Specifically, the red bands on the legs along with the dynamic pose gives the statue a look of motion. This along with the impressive detailing and weathering on the wrist gauntlet and boots (respectively) provides an impressive look. The only minor concern is the light coloring on the bone jaw on the Predator's biomask (above), which doesn't look dark enough under most light.


    At a price of $299.99, The Berserker Maquette seems a bit high compared to other statues of the same size and quality. Thankfully, the statue is on sale now and retailing for $279.99 at Sideshow's website. Were Sideshow to drop the price to the same as the The Tracker Maquette and The Falconer Maquette, at $250.00, The Berserker Maquette would be a better buy.

    Considering the scale, the extreme sculpted pose, the solid paints and the screen-accurate design, for die-hard fans and collectors of Predator statues and figures - and especially the Super Predators from the 2010 Predators movie, The Berserker Maquette is a dynamic, eye-catching piece that'd be a fine addition to any Predator fan's collection.


    - review and photos by Jess C. Horsley
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