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    TF13: DESPICABLE ME 2 Receives The Royal Toy Treatment

    Thinkway Has A Figure For Everyone...

    2010's Despicable Me was an incredibly fun, stylish animated movie. Unfortunately, aside from some plush, Despicable Me came and went without any real collectibles. This year's Despicable Me 2 aims to not only be a better sequel, but it's bringing with it a whole Minion Mobile load of toys. I mean A LOT. It reminds me of Indiana Jones: for years collectors had slim pickings, but when Indy 4 released in theaters, the collectible flood gates opened wide.

    Despicable Me 2 will be receiving items from numerous companies. Hasbro has board games coming out (Monopoly and Operation) and Basic Fun will release a slick 3D View Master (yes, they still make them!) Most exciting will be Thinkway Toys and their diverse range of action figures, plush and role play items. The company behind the incredible Toy Story toys has some really high quality items coming - from well-sculpted mini PVC figures to high-end engineering marvels: Talking and Collector's Edition figures.

    Despicable Me 2 opens in theaters nationwide July 3rd, but fans will be able to get their collecting hands on the following items this May!


    This assortment includes 1" - 2.5" tall mini PVC figures, including The Minions – Carl, Dave, Tom, Stuart and Tim; The Girls – Margo, Edith
    and Agnes; Gru; Dr. Nefario; Lucy; Eduardo and Antonio; Unicorn. Each sold separately at $3.99 OR collect them all with the Toys"R"Us exclusive 10-piece gift set!


    This assortment of 2" - 3.5" tall non-articulated figures (like larger mini PVC figs) includes Gru, Dr. Nefario, Phil, Dave, Stuart, Minion Golfer, Minion Fireman (2 styles), Minion Baker, Minion Rock Star, Minion Ninja. SRP of $4.99 each. Collect them all!

    The Collectible Figures are compatible with the R/C Minion Mobile (9”). Priced at a SRP of $39.99, this fun ride includes Voice, Lights and Sounds, 10+ Sayings and a bonus Minion Tim Driver! Place a Collectible Figure on the Minion Mobile's catapult to hurl them into orbit!


    This 5" - 7" figure series is aimed at kids with a focus on fun action features. SRP $14.99 each, this assortment includes:

    * Build-A-Minion (7” Model Kit) Build Mr. Tim Minion/ Party Minion or Baby Carl/ Party Minion (2 sets)
    * Gru with H2O Shooter (6”)
    * Dave with Rocket Launcher (4.5”)
    * Stuart with Fart Dart Launcher (4.5”)
    * Dr. Nefario with Backcopter (5”)


    These are by far my favorite Depsicable Me 2 toys. Priced at a SRP of $34.99 each, this assortment of 8.5" - 11" figures are electronic, each figure responding to touch in a unique way. Their bodies are a cool rubbery material and they also feature poseable arms. Check out the short video above to see Minion Stuart in action! Assortment includes:

    * Minion Stuart (8.5”) - Laughing Action Figure. 45 Sayings/Giggles in Original Movie Voice. LOL Mode – Quickly press Stuart’s pocket 6 times to activate his Laugh Out Loud mode. Press the
    pocket again or move his head to hear him laugh out loud!

    * Minion Tim (10”) - Singing Action Figure. 25 Sayings/3 Songs in Original Movie Voice. Singing Mode – Quickly move Tim’s head left and right 6 times to activate his Singing mode. Move his head again to hear more of his singing!

    * Gru – The Talking Genius (11”) - Talking Action Figure. 25 Sayings/Laughs in Original Movie Voice. Turn Gru’s legs to hear him talk with moving head and arm actions!


    The grand daddy figures of the Despicable Me 2 collection, these high-end items are - as the title suggests - exclusive to Toys"R"Us. Similar to Thinkway's high-end Toy Story toys, these Despicable Me 2 collectibles are not only movie accurate, but feature tons of sophisticated electronics. These figures star electronic moving heads, eyes & mouths, an interactive talk back feature, and their original movie voices with over 30 sayings. SRP of $54.99 each. Collect:

    * Collector’s Edition Minion Dave (9”)
    - Press Dave’s front pocket to hear his original movie voice with facial expression! Press the
    pocket again for another response.
    - Talk to him, and he’ll respond to you! He even knows if you raised your voice.
    - Quickly press the front pocket twice, and Dave will sing a Minion song!

    * Collector’s Edition Gru (14”)
    - Press Gru’s talk button to hear his original movie voice with facial expression! Press the
    button again for another response.
    - Talk to him, and he’ll respond to you! He even knows if you raised your voice.

    * Collector’s Edition Agnes (11.5”)
    - Press Agnes’ t-shirt to hear her original movie voice with facial expression! Press the button
    again for another response.
    - Talk to her, and she’ll respond to you! She even knows if you raised your voice.
    - Quickly press the t-shirt twice, and Agnes will sing a Unicorn song!


    * Huggable Plush SRP $16.99. Styles include: Minion Dave (9”), Minion Stuart (9”), Minion Tim (10”), Agnes’ Unicorn (10”), Agnes (10”).

    * Plush Buddies (Bean Bag Plush) SRP $7.99. Styles include: Stuart, Dave, Agnes’ Unicorn. Toys"R"Us will carry a three pack including Minion Dave, Stuart and a Minion not found solo, Tim (he's the tall one).

    * Minion Dave (10”) SRP $29.99. Features: Voice, Lights and Pop-Out Eyes, as well as 15 Sayings in Original Movie Voice!

    * Agnes’ Fluffy Unicorn (14”) SRP $29.99. Features: Voice, Magical Chimes, Trotting and a Unicorn Song!, Multi-Color Light Up Horn, Press Hoof to hear Agnes or magical chimes with lights and sound effects ("It's So Fluffy!"), Lullaby Mode – quickly press the hoof twice and Agnes will sing a lullaby. The Unicorn’s horn will
    glow as Agnes sings you to sleep.

    * Bedtime Agnes (11”) SRP $29.99. Features: 20+ Sayings in Original Movie Voice, Slippers light up/flash as she speaks!

    * Jumbo Minion Stuart (16”) SRP $34.99. Features: 10+ Sayings in Original Movie Voice and Eye lights up/glows when he talks or sings!


    * Minion Missile Launcher SRP $16.99

    * Minion Goggles SRP $7.99

    * Fart Gun (A Despicable Minion Weapon) This $24.99 SRP item features trigger-activated light and, yes, fart sound effects. Grab the Toys"R"Us exclusive for
    the Fart Gun with Banana Scent. You read it right... it emits a banana smelling scent into the ozone. Despite the gross sounding name, it actually smells quite yummy!


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