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    TF13: NECA Pays Tribute To Classic Kenner PREDATORS

    Kenner Retro Series, New Dutch, Trophy Wall, More...

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    NECA's line of Predator action figures continues to move full steam ahead. Already the series of fully articulated, super detailed 8-inch tall figures has embraced all the major warriors from 2010's Predators, 1990's Predator 2 (including the entire Lost Tribe) and the 1987 film that started it all, Predator. It's the first film that NECA will focus on with the soon to be released Predator Series 8, including a first for the line: a human character in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch Schaefer. Arriving this month, Series 8 includes:

    * Jungle Extraction Dutch (cigar, pistol and full outfit)
    * Jungle Patrol Dutch (vest and t-shirt)
    * Masked Jungle Hunter Predator (now with a new sculpt and improved articulation)

    Series 9 on display at Toy Fair. Note that the two Dutch figures are 2-up prototypes, thus their larger size. Final release will be closer to the Predator in the photo.

    Predator Series 9, slated for release this May, continues to see the many looks of Arnold's character, including:

    * Jungle Disguise Dutch (covered in mud, torch and spear)
    * Jungle Encounter Dutch (with facepaint, vest, no shirt)
    * Water Emergence Predator (partially translucent with crackling lightning effect details, removable backpack and a human skull)

    Note the human skull that the Water Emergence Predator comes with. This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle for the anticipated Predator 2 Trophy Skull Wall. This amazing diorama is slated for release this May and includes the final unproduced trophy skull: that of the massive T-Rex looking creature. The remaining skulls were all provided with past NECA Predator exclusive releases, including the Toys"R"Us 2-packs and Comic-Con exclusive. Four of these skull are still readily available in sets circulating at retail. NECA is considering a way to bring back the Alien skull released way back in 2010 as part of the now hard to find TRU Exclusive Alien/ Predator 2-pack. Pricing on the Trophy Wall Diorama has not been finalized, but NECA is looking at around $50. Most all the skulls plug onto the diorama via a modular peg system. Fans have the option to rearrange some of the skulls as they see fit, though due to the size/shape of some, such as the massive T-Rex and the elongated Alien skull, have designated spots. The layout pictured in the photo above is what was seen in the movie.

    Things get pretty wild when Predator Series 10 hits retail this August. This series pays tribute to Kenner's imaginative and colorful Predator creations in the 90's. Series 7's "Big Red" was a test of sorts to see how collectors would react to such original concepts. The answer was an overwhelming "Yes!". Predator Series 10 will feature Nightstorm. This figure will feature a removable mask that goes OVER the warrior's mandibles - just like the Kenner figure. So before you go hounding NECA about adding removable masks to all their figures, that's the reason why it works on this figure. It won't work with past releases because there's no way to make the mask set flush against the face; the mandibles get in the way. Anyways, the other two Predators are the translucent Lava Planet and Hive Warrior from the vintage Hive Wars series. The packaging for these figures will even be a homage to the Kenner series! NECA will soon be running a contest asking fans to correctly identify which parts used to create these figures are new and which parts are reused from older NECA Predator figures. Just take a gander at Nightstorm below and you'll see some "Predators" Super-Pred parts in there, mainly the Berserker.

    Following Series 10 NECA plans on creating Predators from 2004's AVP: Alien vs. Predator. Also, on the towering 18" quarter scale front, NECA will be releasing the Elder Predator (as already reported HERE), as well as a Quarter Scale BIG RED!

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    Thumbs up Re: TF13: NECA Pays Tribute To Classic Kenner PREDATORS

    Wow, this series 10 is just too cool! I never even thought of them redoing the old Kenner Preds. What a great idea! Nightstorm has just jumped to the top of my Toyfair wants this year.

    Hmm, it would be helpful if they could give us a checklist of exactly which skulls came with what so I can work on acquiring all the necessary skulls before the trophy wall hits in May. Those TRU sets and con exclusives are REALLY expensive for me to pick up cuz I live outside the USA and they were never available here. So when completed, my Pred. Trophy wall will probably be worth its weight in gold, LOL.

    Can't wait for the A v. P Preds too. Keep 'em coming!

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    Re: TF13: NECA Pays Tribute To Classic Kenner PREDATORS

    Ask and you will receive

    #1 TRU (2010) - Alien & Predator - Alien Skull and Predator Skull (optional, can be used in Wall Diorama)
    #2 SDCC (2011) - Predator: Gort Mask - Bloody Human Skull w/ Spine
    #3 SDCC (2012) - Predator 2: City Hunter (Cloaked) - 1 Creature Skull
    #4 TRU (2012) - Jungle Hunter & City Hunter (Battle Damaged) - 2 Creature Skulls
    #5 TRU (2012) - Berserker & City Hunter - Human Skull w/ Spine (non bloody) and Super Predator Skull (optional, can be used in Wall Diorama)
    #6 S9 (2013) - Water Emergence Predator - Human Skull no spine
    #7 Trophy Wall (2013) - T-Rex Skull
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    Re: TF13: NECA Pays Tribute To Classic Kenner PREDATORS

    Series 10 is just too freaking cool. Those are some of the best-looking, most visually-satisfying figures I've seen in quite some time.

    And a Quarter-Scale Big Red? NECA sure knows how to keep the fans happy.

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