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    HeroClix Expands With New Features And Lots Of New Licenses...

    Here at we’re big fans of HeroClix, and we were looking forward to Toy Fair in the hopes that we’d hear some cool news. Well, even we didn’t expect the major announcements WizKids made! First off, expect very cool things from the upcoming DC HeroClix Teen Titans expansion set.

    Due out in May, the set will ship in bricks containing Super Boosters like we’ve seen before. However, the Supers this time will hold either a colossal Trigon OR one 2x4 Team Base (with 2 or 3 figures) OR two 2x2 Team Bases (with 1 figure each)! The Team Bases, described as a “hard manifestation of the theme team,” bring together groups from the comics like never before. On display in the WizKids section of the NECA booth was the Gen 13 Team Base, and we got to check it out in detail. Like the others, it has a normal dial (with multiple point values) and an Asset Dial that adds additional powers (even Special ones) that depend on which team members are attached via the new SwitchClix mechanic. The Team Base is further differentiated by a new combat symbol, a cluster of fists for Attack. Meanwhile, figures on the team can attach and detach during the game, though some teams must together vs. apart. Looking at the physical bases, these Teams allow for all sorts of cool terrain and structures. A few more quick details: figures from the main set that work on teams max out at about the Rare level, there may be figures who can join more than one team, and with backwards compatibility there may be figures in the future that can join previously released teams! WizKids will be releasing the full details on how Team Bases work very soon, so keep your eyes open for that on their official site.

    Okay, you’re probably saying “Team Bases are cool and all but what’s the new stuff we’ve been hearing about?” Let’s go through them one by one:

    • 1960’s Adam West Batman: Will be getting its own Gravity Feed with approximately 12-18 figures. Release date TBD.
    • The Lone Ranger (2013): Will have a Gravity Feed with 4 figures, a 2 figure mini-game, a Connect with Pieces puzzle game, and a card game. Release date near the film’s.
    • Pacific Rim: Gravity feed with approximately 12-18 figures, 2 figure mini-game. Release date near the film’s.
    • Iron Maiden: “This will happen!” Expect a Gravity Feed around summertime.
    • Kick-*** 2: Gravity Feed with approximately 12-18 figures. Release date near the film’s.
    • Nightmare Before Christmas: Gravity Feed, 2-figure mini-game. Release date unknown.
    • Hello Kitty: Details were sketchy, but this wasn’t described as actual HeroClix... yet. There will be Gravity Feed figures, a mini-game, and even TabApp Elite components (see below).

    Another new feature coming to HeroClix is the TabApp Elite. A huge leap forward from the intial TabApp game, the new version incorporates a Clixstation with some of the figures that connects to your tablet via ultrasonic sound frequencies. Gameplay is hugely improved with scenario play, isometric 3D, levels, stages, boss fights, power ups, and much more. With the Clixstation you don’t even have to click your figure; in-game it does it for you. Each Clixstation figure also has new clicks (replacing some of the KO slots) with symbols that do different things in the game. You can even save certain “builds” using these stat increases. Meanwhile, each Clixstation figure has a two-pack of corresponding Allies. These figures can be used to help out the main character in the game, and during play you can even swap them out by putting a new Ally right on the screen. Finally, the new TabApp system will include additional levels, alternative costumes, and other cool in-game offerings via micro-transactions. Hello Kitty’s version will be less punching, more yarn balls.

    In the (still) non-HeroClix category is the second wave of Portal Turrets coming in early Summer. And joining their lineup of dice building games are DC’s Injustice video game, Hobbit, and more. Then there’s the Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game, which offers both a fully immersive board game AND HeroClix via the SwitchClix. The board game version is a “zone control” game with a European feel but with the more American style of lots of tokens and figures on the board. Every player controls a villain out to take over Gotham, and by achieving specific objectives you can level up by clicking your base to become more powerful and to gain special abilities specific to your character. Meanwhile, Batman is a spoiler who can be sent to attack your enemies; he can knock them back to their headquarters or respawn in the Batcave even more powerful. The villain characters can even fight each other for territory! All in all the game sounds really fun, and the fact that the figures also double as HeroClix is a cool bonus.
    - Scott Rubin

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