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    TF13: Hasbro Transformers Kre-O

    Little Toys, Huge Popularity...

    When Hasbro leapt into the constructible toys scene with Kre-O I donít think even they could have anticipated how popular their toys would become. With full size Transformers and mini-figure Kreons, the Kre-O are here to stay and are only getting better. This year will bring all sorts of new sets and figures, starting with a full lineup of Beast Hunters including new versions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Trailcutter, Ripclaw (with flapping wing action), and of course Predaking! Thereís also the Autobot Command Center, a base/playset with beast jail and repair station, a full size Predacon and Kreons of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, and Arcee.

    Microchangers are blind bagged mini-figures with two modes, and following Wave 1 (out now) are Wave 2 with Blot, Bombshell, Acidwing, Bulkhead, Groove, Acree, Powerglide, Scourge, Vehicon, Lugnut, Perceptor, and Hoist, then Wave 3 with Beachcomber, Kickback, Guzzle, Huffer, Longhaul, Nemesis Prime, Cheetor, Thrust, Ramjet, Seawing, Sharkticon, and Nosecone! Combiners give you a team of Microchanger Kre-O that can also join together to form a large robot. Available now are Devastator, Superion, Predaking, and Bruticus. Joining those are upcoming Defensor, Pirhanacon, and Abominus! Finally, a new non-blind assortment of deluze Kreons will be offered in limited editions and then retired. They will include extra parts, vac-metallized and translucent components, and more. On deck for this special series are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream.

    Check out all the new Transformers Kre-O in our Toy Fair gallery HERE!

    - Scott Rubin

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