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    REVIEW: Kotobukiya Uncanny X-Force Wolverine Fine Art Statue

    X-Force Team Leader Appears At Last...

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    Marvel Comics has had many different “X” teams since the original X-Men debuted way back in 1963. One of the most controversial and dynamic has been X-Force. Dormant for a number of years, the team was brought back to life in 2007’s Messiah Complex storyline when a team of mutant hunters and trackers was needed. That series spun off a brand new book featuring Wolverine leading a band of killer mutants (first X-Force then Uncanny X-Force) willing to do anything to get the job done. Kotobukiya has been capturing these dark anti-heroes in an incredible series of Fine Art Statues, and after four members they’re finally unveiling the team leader and one of the most popular characters in comics, Wolverine!

    Wolverine, also known as Logan or James Howlett, hardly needs an introduction. A polarizing character in comics, the feral mutant consistently ranks among the most well-known and beloved, and that’s only increased in recent years with Wolverine appearing in countless Marvel books. A mutant with a powerful healing factor, bone claws, and animal-like senses, James became a member of Weapon X and was given an adamantium skeleton and claws. Over the years he’s spent most of his team with the X-Men, though he also served with Alpha Flight and later branched out into the Avengers and more. Being “the best at what he does,” Wolverine fit in with X-Force and its harsh mandate, putting his claws to good use hunting down those who would harm mutantkind.

    As the line has shifted from X-Force to Uncanny X-Force, so has the packaging for these statues evolved over the years. Like Archangel before him (see our review HERE), Wolverine comes to you in a huge box that’s almost blindingly white. The front panel is very slick, with metallic gold lettering announcing the name of the line and statue, with the requisite logos at the bottom. The sides of the box have barely perceptible embossed Uncanny X-Force logos, too faint to photograph. The back panel of the box ditches that starkness in exchange for powerful imagery. At the right is a huge photo of the Wolverine statue in front of artwork from the comics, while on the left is a close up of Logan’s alternate head and a composite image of the other X-Force series statues. Inside the box you’ll find the various parts of the Wolverine statue held securely in a full-size styrofoam “coffin.”

    Following the theme of the X-Force series Wolverine is depicted standing in rubble, ready to leap at his next foe. The mutant stands 10 ½ inches tall, in 1/6th scale with teammates X-23, Warpath, Deadpool, and Archangel. Never one to lead from the rear, Wolverine clambers over the debris of a building, climbing to the top of a low wall. With his left foot raised and his right leg stretched out behind him, the Uncanny X-Force leader rotates to his left. He spreads his arms asymmetrically with the left one a bit higher than the right, each ending in clenched fists. Wolverine twists his neck even further to the left to get a better look at his target, stretching out his neck.

    The X-Man is all bunched up muscle, seemingly as wide as he is tall with a thick barrel chest, sinewy arms, and huge legs. Wolverine has an excellent sculpt with intricate anatomical detailing and great uniform accents. The straps on his boots and gloves really stand out and his belt features a large central buckle with the team’s “X” logo. Wolverine comes with two different heads (attaching to the statue via magnets), each capturing the mutant’s ferocity and rage. While both have wide open howling mouths, the unmasked version lets the fur fly with a huge mane of hair, mutton chops, and bushy eyebrows. With his complete uniform in place, the masked head brings Logan’s signature high pointed mask and sharp nose. Of course, no Wolverine would be complete without his wicked claws, and this one has them extended and ready to slice and dice the bad guys.

    Lastly, the base is quite the pile of wreckage with weathered and broken brown stone, chunks and pieces of various shapes and sizes, and smashed grayish concrete. On the bottom of the base is the statue’s name and edition number (out of 1200).

    One of the nice things about the X-Force costumes is that they’re relatively simple, so they usually look really good in person. Wolverine is no exception. His uniform alternates between huge swaths of black and gray, and the glossy and matte paint used on them respectively contrast really well. Subtle sprays of silver accent the black sections as well as the straps on the gloves and boots, while the belt buckle is gray and the claws solid silver. Blood red pops from Wolverine’s belt buckle “X” and his cowl’s eye coverings. The mutant has a tan flesh tone on his arms and face, with dark brown hair and eyes and the requisite painted on “hair” on his arms. Both versions of Wolverine’s head have intricately painted mouths with perfect white teeth and very wet-looking gums and tongue.

    There are a lot of Wolverines on the market these days, but not a lot of X-Force versions and even fewer with the character this one has. He’s ferocious and cool at the same time, immediately recognizable on your shelf even by people who may never have read X-Force. Wolverine is highly recommended for fans of the character and of that book (and Uncanny X-Force). The alternate head is a great bonus, letting you display the statue according to your preference; I generally go with the masked versions of Wolverine, especially alongside his X-Force teammates. Wolverine retails for about $210, in line with the prices of the other X-Force statues. Whether you have all of them or are just starting your collection with Wolverine, he’s a cool centerpiece.

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Sample Courtesy of Kotobukiya

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