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    TRADE PAPERBACK REVIEW: Humanoid's Dominion

    A Tale of Angels At War Available Now...


    Before there was the fan-favorite Heavy Metal Magazine, which began in 1977, there was the French publication called Métal Hurlant. First published in 1974 by Les Humanoïdes Associés, the sci-fi and fantasy magazine's success inspired the publisher to continue to bring hard-hitting, gritty, and violent comics to the marketplace. Now, thanks to the publisher's American counterpart, Humanoids, fans of the classic old and modern new sci-fi, fantasy, and hardcore comics can pick up a variety of graphic novels and unique hardcover books.

    Dominion Trade Paperback

    I've always been a fan of police procedurals and cop dramas; mix in a little supernatural intrigue and you've got a TV show, movie or book I can't put down. Of course mainstream comic fans and movie buffs have no doubt heard of DC's John Constantine, the London-based supernatural adviser, occult detective and magic practitioner. And, of course, for fans who're looking for more devilish good fun in the same vein as Hellblazer, Humanoid Publishing has released Dominion.

    Written by Thomas Fenton with line art by Jamal Igle and Steven Cummings, Dominion tells a not unfamiliar tale which features some interesting characters and exciting action. While not wholly original (fans of movies The Prophecy and Legion will feel a bit of déjà vu), Dominion follows the adventures of New Orleans Detective Jason Ash, who's tracking a serial kidnapper leaving odd clues specific to the officer. Of course, Detective Ash soon finds himself - and his pregnant wife - ensnared in a multi-realm conspiracy of Biblical proportions as evil angels battle to bring about the end of the world while others seek to protect humanity from everlasting death and destruction.

    Fenton's script keeps the book moving thanks to character development and a stereotypical yet strong storyline. The plot features many common traits with other stories featuring battling angels (like those mentioned above) and reads much like a movie script. In fact, the trade paperback could even be a treatment for a film. The character development of Detective Ash and his wife, Ash's partner and a number of the angels (both good and evil) provide some opportunities for readers to connect with the story as well.

    While the characters allow readers to connect to the growing mystery and intrigue, the plot as a whole comes across as somewhat drawn out and unnecessarily long. At 144 pages, there are a number of scenes which simply reiterate already known plot elements and prolong the story's climax. These scenes simply delay the inevitable and, while they aren't entirely worthless, they could have easily been cut in order to tighten up the story and provide a shorter tale.

    One thing worth noting about Dominion: the artwork is consistently good and even great at times. There are some really cool and interesting ideas in Dominion which prove visually impressive and would look great in a motion picture. Both Igle and Cummings' work is consistent and keeps things interesting, with easy to follow designs (which will again seem familiar to fans of The Prophecy and Legion ) and action scenes which provide plenty of

    Dominion isn't for everyone. It's one part police procedural drama, one part supernatural thriller, and one part action-adventure...all with a little Biblical prophecy thrown in for good measure and fun. The characters can be both unique and stereotypical at times and the story longer than necessary; but - all in all - Dominion is still a fun, exciting and entertaining read for those fans who - like me - enjoy a good yarn that sees angels fighting angels, rogue cops in over their head, and swords made to break open the gates of heaven.

    For more information on Dominion, click HERE.

    To get your own copy, check your local comic store or HERE to fine your local comic shop.

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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