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    REVIEW: ENTERBAY 1/4 Scale HD Masterpiece RAMBO III

    Sly's Classic Action Film Role Captured in New High Quality, Large-Scale Figure...

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    There's no doubt the last few years have seen action figures increase in size and detail. With modern technology and production abilities as well as more enthusiastic and dedicated fans and collectors willing and able to afford more expensive figures, the ability for collectible companies to fulfill the desire of fans to own larger figures with more sculpted detail, more realistic clothing, and more detailed accessories has become a reality.

    Thus, it's no surprise to see ENTERBAY bring to life a figure like their recently released 1/4 Scale HD Masterpiece RAMBO III. Based on Sylvester Stallone's classic appearance in the 1988 film Rambo III, this figure features an articulated 1/4 scale body, detailed sculpt, screen accurate paint applications, impressive clothes and accessories, and an overall impressive appearance.


    A massive box made of lightweight black foam with a cardboard slip over it, the RAMBO III comes packaged to ensure the figure and accessories remain minty mint. A soft foam interior surrounds the figure, the figure base, and the plastic trays which house the accessories. Fairly simple in overall design, the packaging here does exactly what it's designed to do: protect the figure.


    Featuring a unique body and facial sculpt brought to life by sculptor SCUDERIA, this gorgeous figure comes to life off the screen and truly makes an impressive addition to any Rambo or Sly fan's collection. Both the body and face feature the specific, screen-accurate look of the character as seen in the film, including the actor's physique at the time and the unique patterns of scars and veins seen in the film. Sly was in some of the best shape of his life in the late 1980s and it shows here in action figure form.

    The facial sculpt especially is simply spot-on as the steady stare and slight grimace provides a solid, single look for the figure. Likewise - be it the pointed chin, high cheek bones, or the mullet hair with headband - the head and face sculpt breaths life into this figure, ensuring all who see it will instantly recognize it.

    Overall, this is Sly as we all know and love him: ripped, rough, and ready for action.


    Quality paint applications truly make or break a sculpt. Here we see exactly what a high quality paint application can do for a high quality sculpt. There's no doubt the artists at ENTERBAY have exceeded expectations with this figure as the tanned flesh tones provide a screen accurate look to the body and face. The body and face feature detailed highlights around the scars, which appear a lighter, redder shade of flesh; the veins, which have a slight hint of blue and purple to them; and the jawline, where we see the hint of stubble. The lips, eyebrows, and eyes all feature fine detail as well. Something of note is the eyes are looking slightly to the right, meaning the figure looks a bit odd if the head is posed to the left when his eyes are looking right. It's a fairly minor complaint and one most fans will easily remedy, but it is worth mentioning.


    The body is less articulated than a standard 1/6th scale figure; but considering it's approx. 19" tall and ENTERBAY was obviously more concerned about the look than the movement, this figure is extremely well designed. The body features a ball-joint neck while the arms include pin wrists, hinge and pivot elbows, and ball-joint shoulder articulation and the legs feature ball-joint hips, hinge and pivot knees and twist ankles. Unfortunately, the ankles feature limited articulation (due mostly to the boots) which hinders the figure's ability to stand on its own. While I was able to pose the figure standing without support, it was unsteady at best and thus using the included base is recommended.


    Rambo wouldn't be the warrior he is without a full arsenal of weapons and ENTERBAY's figure of course includes a variety of death dealing implements. Utilizing real metal and wood, Rambo comes ready for war with a real metal dagger, real metal bowie knife, a grenade, an AKM machine gun and a rocket propelled grenade launcher. Most impressive, the figure includes the character's signature compound bow and a set of collapsible arrows with broadhead tips. Each and every weapon is detailed and weathered to give them all a look of use. Likewise, each can be held in a variety of positions and poses thanks to the inclusion of multiple, interchangeable hands.

    Likewise, the figure includes an impressive outfit of real cloth clothing and worn accessories. The pants, shirt, and boots are impressive, the arrow backpack looks cool when worn, and the necklace gives the figure the much needed little bump to make it "just right" for those fans dedicated to making the figure's look as screen accurate as possible.

    One thing worth noting is the molded plastic boots which, as previously mentioned, hinder the movement of the ankles and feet and force fans and collectors to use the diorama base to keep the figure upright. The base features an uneven sculpted desert floor along with a name plate.


    With a retail price of approx. $400, this is an investment for most buyers. That said, for many Rambo fans, they'll find ENTERBAY's 1/4 Scale HD Masterpiece Rambo III quickly becomes the centerpiece of their collection. Not only does it feature real cloth clothing and detailed metal and wood weapons, but this figure also includes and a gorgeous paint application on top of an outstanding sculpt. Screen accurate, articulated enough to provide a useful amount of movement, and in a scale that simply demands attention, there's nothing else like this out there for fans of the Rambo film legacy.

    Be sure to check out the ENTERBAY 1/4 Scale HD Masterpiece RAMBO III PHOTO GALLERY for over 55 images of this impressive figure!

    - photo and review by Jess C. Horsley
    - sample courtesy of ENTERBAY
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