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    Beginner needs help with Custom Iron Man figure


    I'm a total newbie in regards to creating custom figures but I really would like to habe an Iron Man figure based on the armor Rhodey is currently wearing in Fractions Iron Man comic.

    I plan on using the Marvel Universe "Modular Armor" Iron Man figure:

    I know that I have to wash the figure when it comes out of the package and I have to be carefull what colors I use, since the plastic used it very soft.

    I'm missing ideas in regards to the glowing effect and espedially what to do with the lower arms. This Iron Man has special "plating" to protect the outside of the lower arms and I don't know how to do it.

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    Re: Beginner needs help with Custom Iron Man figure

    Well that's a whole thing there.

    How do you make the armor on the forearms?
    2 basic ways to go about it.

    1) Find something
    Look over other figures in this scale and see if one of them , perhaps a medieval knight, has something close you can remove and add to your custom. Perhaps you'll need to modify it by removing some of adding some,

    2) Build it yourself
    How's your sculpting skills? I know my limitations and while it'd be easy for some, that kind of detail at that small size would be a real challenge for me. But you might want to take a crack at it. Get a nice sculpting compound, like Sculpy III, or for something more durable, a 2-part epoxy compound like Milliput or Aves fixit sculpt or Aves Epoxy Sculpt.

    As far as painting energy effects, I like to paint up the parts normally, and then the color I used to paint the inside of the arc reactor or repulsor, take that same bright color, then dry-brush over the same areas, letting the tiny bits of dry-brush paint bleed over into the outer area. It's a technique that takes practice, like all techniques do. Even dry-brushing itself, where you fill a paintbrush with paint, thinned down, not gloppy, then wipe into a paper towel so that almost all of the paint is gone, then lightly brush across your area, even that talks practice to get right.

    The best advice is the same advice for writing, drawing or anything. Just do it. Just get in there and start customizing. Most of us started out making some pretty bad stuff, but by doing it, we get better.

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    Beginner needs help with Custom Iron Man f

    Its encouraging to see "special" on the paper label, although theres still some vagueness about that.Big Kahune asked about the truss rod cover. Thats the plastic thing on the headstock with the white diagonal line across it. Does it say anything inside that white line?

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