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    DOCTOR WHO: Alive and Well at Chicago Comic Con

    Whovians Flock To Recent Convention...

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    Greetings fellow Whovians and Time Lords, my name is Ken (unfortunately not from the planet Gallifrey) and I am a Doctor Who fan of over 30 years. Last week I decided to attend the Chicago Comic Con for all four days to investigate all things Doctor Who. The last convention I attended was back in the nineties therefore, I did not expect much of a Doctor Who presence... I was wrong.

    Now, understand the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con is pretty much all things comic books and related merchandise with a touch of science fiction and a dab of horror. My five year mission, if I choose to accept, is to investigate the pop culture phenomenon that exists across the pond and has been making its way over stateside, now more than ever. Doctor Who has arrived! Keep in mind for a convention that did not have any celebrities from the show or official representation for that matter, Doctor Who was alive and well.

    My first encounter, immediately to the right of the main entrance, was a life size Dalek standing (What else would a Dalek be doing... besides exterminating the whole human race!) in front of an all-exclusive Doctor Who exhibit with action figures, sonic screwdrivers from the 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th Doctor, posters of all sizes, and an almost life-size cut out of the gorgeous Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillian; a ginger as she is called in London for her fiery red hair. Although, I believe it has a negative association over there which baffles me as she is most brilliant and did I mention gorgeous?

    Ok, so my first taste of Doctor Who at a "con" was awesome, then off to the distance I saw him, could it be him? Well actually no but it was a good likeness of a young 4th Doctor (originally played by Tom Baker). I had to shake his hand, take his picture and asked him if he has seen an increase in the world of Doctor Who here in the States. He stated, that since the successful revamp of the Doctor Who series in 2005 there has been an increasing fan base throughout the United States. Now I am not talking about fans like those in England where excitement equates clapping ones hands more than 3 times. I am talking about over the edge, high intensity, deep passionate fans who not only cheer, clap, and wave in all things Doctor Who but also dress up and imitate the main cast members and not-so main cast members.

    These are die-hard Whovians or Gallifreyans who eat jelly babies for breakfast and never leave home without their sonic screwdriver. I was impressed that the young man in his early twenties choose to imitate and dress up like the 4th Doctor, a doctor who was off the air before this young man was even born! A quick side note, the 11th Doctor sonic screwdriver is well... bloody awesome, it is much bigger than the others (no I don't have sonic envy), has a bigger green light and it expands with the press of a button (again, I don't have sonic envy). Well after eating a jelly baby (yeah, this guy had a bag of jelly babies to complete the look... again bloody brilliant) I decided to continue my search in all things Doctor Who.

    In the four days spent at the Chicago Comic Con, I discovered over a dozen and a half of people (old and young alike) dressed up from the various incarnations of the Doctor and supporting cast, even females were dressed up as the Doctor. As of yet there has not been a female actor to take on that challenging role, this too may change in the future. One of the best group shots I did take had a young lady dressed up as a Weeping Angel, you guys remember the Angels don't you? Whatever you do, don't blink!!

    In my various interviews with the folks dressed up as Doctor Who characters, there was a common theme as to why the popularity of Doctor Who has increased over the past three plus years, it was the re-launch of the show combined with clever writing, advance special effects (bye, bye rubber suit monsters), and of course brilliant acting. The re-launch began in 2005, after a nine year hiatus. The original broadcast began on November 23, 1963. Next year will mark the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. There should be some exciting events planned both in London and here in the United States! Well, time for me to "fly" as I continue to investigate all things Doctor Who (five year mission, remember?). Until then, just think of me as the mad man in the blue box. Geromino!!!!!!

    Story and Photos by Ken Rodriguez

    (Future Time Lord, or would that be the past if things were reversed but bypassed a fixed place in time such as the here and now or would that be the here and then?)

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