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    REVIEW: Monogram Direct Superman and Batman DC Bust Banks

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    When it comes to superhero accessories and fun items for your collection, Monogram Direct is the one stop shop. With keychains, mini figures, busts, and much more there’s something for every fan. For a while Monogram has been focusing on Marvel Comics characters in their superhero lineup, but now they’re proud to re-launch the DC collection as we first reported at San Diego Comic-Con! While there are tons of products on the way, the first out of the gate (and available now) are entries into Monogram’s famous and popular series of bust banks with two of the most iconic superheroes of all time: Batman and Superman!

    At about 8 inches tall and wide and constructed of sturdy rotocast plastic, Monogram Direct’s bust banks are instant collector’s items capturing the look of your favorite comic book characters. Truly dual-purpose, they’re just as fun as busts as they are handy as coin banks. Each character is captured with authentic detailing and colors, and the coin slot in the back is unobtrusive and doesn’t get in the way at all of proudly displaying them. The rotocast construction means that they’ve got a nice weight to them and you don’t have to worry about breakage like any traditional piggy bank so they’re great for kids too. Naturally each bank has a hatch on the underside so you can access your collected funds without “breaking the bank.”

    The Batman bust measures approximately 8 ½ inches tall to the tips of his bat ears and 7 inches wide. The brooding hero is posed with his right arm pushed out from his cape and his hand resting comfortably on his utility belt. The expression on his face is calm, and the overall look reminds me of Clint Eastwood asking “Do you feel lucky, punk?” Batman isn’t going to dirty his hands unnecessarily, but he’s ready to pull whatever marvelous toy he needs from his belt to get the job done. His costume is the “modern” black and gray with a plain bat on the chest and a bright yellow belt. Batman has an impressively muscled physique but it’s not overly bulky, and his face is nicely detailed with a slight scowl and furrowed brow above his white-covered eyes to show his brooding intensity. His belt is sculpted with a buckle and two visible pouches, and Batman’s cape has lots of nice folds and creases especially on the back.

    While Batman is dark and gloomy, Superman is his brightly colored opposite. At about 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall the Man of Steel stands in the classic pose we all know and love with head held high and fists firmly planted at his waist. While there isn’t as much movement to the character, you can almost feel the wind blowing his hair and cape as he stands triumphant. Superman’s chest and arms are sculpted with powerful muscles, and there’s lots of detail including his chest shield emblem and belt. You can get a hint of the Clark Kent within in his earnest expression, complete with ever so slight smile, deep blue eyes, and of course the spit curl on his forehead. Superman’s costume is as bright and colorful as ever with the red and yellow standing out strongly from a nice, deep blue. Like Batman, Superman is fully sculpted and detailed in the round with plenty of folds in his cape and the yellow shield on the back.

    Both DC busts are, of course, banks as well. The slot for coins (or folded bills) sits high on their neck and is substantial enough to be useful but unobtrusive enough that you can’t really see it unless you’re behind them. Supes and Bats are a bit lucky in this regard since they both have capes that can help hide the slot - so much the better for you! Likewise, each bank has the unscrewable cap on the bottom so you can access your money.

    Batman and Superman fans should definitely check out these busts. They’re big and bold and look fun alongside other superhero toys and collectibles. You can get the Batman and Superman bust banks through many online retailers, such as, for about $15 each.

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Samples Courtesy of Monogram Direct

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