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    Stark's Armor Super-Sized and Awesome...

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    Jonathan Kuriscak joins us today to share his recently finished custom Steampunk Iron Man action figure. Read on to learn more about this 24-inch tall mechanical monstrosity and the talented artist behind it...

    FIGURES.COM: Please briefly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your hobby.

    JONATHAN KURISCAK: I'm almost 30... and I still love action figures! That love of action figures has turned into a love of "kitbashing" figures or customizing them. This is my hobby! I've been customizing figures heavily ever since I graduated from University, starting in my studio apartment, then into a one bed room apartment with my wife (customizing on the kitchen table), then moving into a basement "studio" space that is all mine. And I dont have to clear my workspace for dinner!

    I like to make figures better, add more detail to existing figures, and create figures and characters that no one else might create. I try my hardest to make top quality figures that REEK of detail and OOZE of awesome.

    I'm just a dude, who likes toys... I like 'em so much I rip 'em apart, cut 'em up, boil 'em, pop 'em and turn them into conglomerations of awesome!

    Original, Smaller Scale Steampunk Iron Man Custom

    FIGUREES.COM: What's the story behind this Iron Man custom. What inspired you?

    JONATHAN KURISCAK: I actually did a Steampunk Iron Man last year (pictured above - more photos HERE), and it got a great response, so much so that I got few requests to create the figure again. I turned them down because I like to try new things and not keep doing the same thing over again. Keeps this hobby fun! Then I had an email come to me asking if I could recreate the figure, but at a massive 2 foot tall scale. This really intrigued me, so I started this sucka!

    FIGURES.COM: How long did it take you to complete the figure?

    JONATHAN KURISCAK: I started the planning and parts gathering at the end of January this year, and I worked on it here and there till the end of July. So about 5 months. I did more figures throughout the build, helped take breaks, so I pumped out a whole lot more figures in that time too, and a couple more commissions as well. HOURS??? I dont even know how many hours I put into him, since I would work on him here and there and between other projects.

    FIGURES.COM: What's the recipe for your Steampunk Iron Man? What other figures/ parts did you use? What parts, if any, are scratch-built?

    JONATHAN KURISCAK: If you watch my video (above), I do a thorough walk-through on what I used.

    But basically, 2 Transformers Unicrons used for the appendages, sculpted chest, plastic card, Lego Bionicle ball joints, a shower head's ball joint for the waist joint, PVC pipe, plastic shovels for the shoulder pads, and the hands are total scratch built using Bionicle and existing Unicron fingers for articulation points! Whew... that is just what I can remember right now!

    FIGURES.COM: Any plans for any other steampunk superheroes?

    JONATHAN KURISCAK: YES, I always have more on the chopping block. I have two more in a "Work In Progress" state. And right now I actually have a SteamPunk Wolverine done.

    I have also done a few other Steampunk characters: Archangel, Cable and Thor.

    FIGURES.COM: Where can people see more of your work? Do you accept commissions?

    JONATHAN KURISCAK: FaceBook and My Blog (

    Commissions accepted, as long as they interest me!

    >> Have some cool Creative Customs you would like to share? Email me at! <<

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