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    REVIEW: DC Collectibles New 52 Justice League Green Lantern

    Everything Old Is New Again...

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    Last year’s New 52 event re-launched the DC Comics universe with an equal number of “#1” issues. Ranging from Superman and Batman to more esoteric titles like Resurrection Man and Frankenstein, these books updated characters in various ways like shortening the amount of time heroes have been public and changing some back stories. The most immediate and obvious changes came in the form of new uniforms and costumes for some of the most popular of heroes, and nowhere was this more apparent than in the Jim Lee-drawn Justice League. That flagship title also serves as the inspiration for the first line of action figures based on the New 52. With figures coming out periodically this year to fill out the roster, the Justice League will soon be complete. Today we’ll take a look at one of the latest releases, Green Lantern!

    One of the characters who has changed little in the New 52, at least in his own book, is Hal Jordan the Green Lantern. Still the test pilot able to overcome fear, Jordan was recruited by the Green Lantern Corps upon the death of former GL Abin Sur. In this new timeline some things are different, most notably his history with the Justice League and the interpersonal relationships therein. The Hal Jordan who appeared in the first arc of Justice League was a younger, brasher hero than we’re used to, with elements of the man we see in the Green Lantern series just starting to come out. Meanwhile, all seven members of the Justice League received new looks designed by Jim Lee, and that’s what’s captured in this new action figure.

    All of the New 52 Justice League figures share the same packaging design, and it fits in well with DC Collectibles’ current minimalist style elements. Green Lantern stands front and center in a window box, partially obscured by the peeling “C” of the new DC logo. That overlay is green and features a silhouette of the Justice League as well as the character’s name and the figure’s line. Above the figure on the J-hook card is the Justice League title logo in green. One side of the box has the Jordan silhouette from the lineup image, while the other has a photo of the figure and the name of the sculptor (Jack Mathews). The back of the box has various thumbnail photos of figures: GL at the top, upcoming Flash and Parademon figures, and the entire Justice League roster at the bottom.

    When it was first announced that our beloved DC characters would be getting new costumes and appearances in the New 52 many were worried. While in some cases there were some substantial changes (like the elimination of Superman’s trunks), Hal Jordan came through mostly unscathed. Taking its cues from the old, his new uniform is a green, white, and black affair with the same general outline. Black appears mainly on the upper arms and legs, abdomen, and sides, with white on the gloves and green on the boots and torso. The new Green Lantern figure captures this look with plenty of subtle details from the New 52, standing 6 ¾ inches like his fellow leaguers Batman and Aquaman.

    The Justice League figures, like many of the DC Direct offerings from yesteryear, are primarily designed as show pieces and as such favor looks over functionality and articulation. Hal is striking in his uniform and heroic pose. While his Green Lantern uniforms usually don’t have much in the way of components other than the bodysuit, the New 52 version is a little different. This figure’s sculpt highlights Jordan’s physique, athletic but not overly muscled. The lines around the green section on his torso stand out in relief to the rest, while the symbol on his chest is raised. There are several more interesting details like the notched heels on his boots, intricate patterns on the shoulder armor, and the notched collar prevalent on the Justice League designs. Hal has a very good face sculpt with a serious, focused expression and GL mask complete with the new style notches.

    If not much has changed in the design of Hal’s uniform, even less has changed in its coloring. As noted before, there’s the usual green, black, and white. The new Green Lantern figure reproduces these with stark white for the gloves and symbol, an interesting matte black with subtle sparkles, and a shiny metallic green that all look great together. Add to that the brown hair, tan skin tone, and details in the white eyes and you’ve got a very good looking figure. The Leaguers released thus far have suffered from some paint irregularities, so be sure to look for the best one you can find. The only real disappointment in the look of this figure is his ring; while even small scale figures sometimes have sculpted Green Lantern symbol rings this Hal has only a raised bump on his finger that’s painted green.

    As I noted earlier, the Justice Leaguers are excellent display pieces and action figures second. Hal is sculpted in a straightforward stance, feet slightly wider than his shoulders. His legs are very long, and his comparatively short torso arched; meanwhile Hal’s pushed-back shoulders make his arms permanently angled out to his sides. The figure has fairly basic articulation with a ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed shoulders, biceps, elbows, T-cut crotch, and knees. On the one hand this is kind of a letdown after the great strides in articulation DC Direct’s Green Lantern line was exhibiting (see our review of Series 5 HERE). On the other, there’s very little articulation that gets in the way of the figure’s sculpt. Hal is poseable, but limited almost exclusively to the arms and neck. The figures in this line were designed with heroic poses in mind, partly to recreate the promotional images of the League standing together, and Green Lantern is certainly up to that task.

    DC, whether Direct or Collectibles, has always been the premiere source for Green Lantern figures pulled directly from the comics and this time is no different. While another toy company is starting to release its own articulated New 52 figures, these Justice Leaguers are the real deal: heroic, epic, and striking in their poses. Green Lantern may be the best of these figures yet; unencumbered by accessories or a cape there’s nothing hidden or obstructed. Hal is ready to take the lead in any Green Lantern collection, and will look resplendent doing it. He may not be the most articulated figure ever, but once you get him in that perfect pose it won’t matter! Green Lantern is available now in comic stores along with Batman and Aquaman; the line continues with Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Cyborg.

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

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    Re: REVIEW: DC Collectibles New 52 Justice League Green Lantern

    So just wondering, have they officially changed their name from DC Direct to DC Collectibles now or are they 2 seperate entities or what?

    I think I remember the division that did the DC Warcraft figs had their own distinct name too right?

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    Re: REVIEW: DC Collectibles New 52 Justice League Green Lantern

    Just DC Collectibles now. DC Direct and DC Unlimited are bye bye.

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