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    SDCC12: NECA Wrap-Up

    From ALIENS to VALVE...

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    NECA made their presence known at San Diego Comic-Con with a whirlwind of cool licensed product. In addition to purchasing some great show exclusives, fans lined up to check out all the new action figures, props and statues from popular video games such as Half-Life, Gears of War and Borderlands, to mega motion pictures like Aliens, Prometheus and Predator. Read on for our full NECA Comic-Con wrap-up report...

    VALVE - CLICK HERE for SDCC12 Photos

    LEFT 4 DEAD: Following the recent launch of their vile (and awesome) Boomer zombie, NECA will be releasing the Smoker this September. No concrete reveals on future zombies, but NECA assured me that if these sell well, they will be doing them all.

    HALF-LIFE: While fans still await word on the looong anticipated Half-Life 3 (will it arrive in my lifetime?), NECA will be delivering the star of the game, Gordon Freeman. Look for him this September equipped with Gravity Gun, his trusty crowbar and a cool Head Crab. Speaking of Head Crabs, NECA will also be releasing a plush version this fall.

    PORTAL: NECA just can't seem to keep their limited edition Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device replicas in stock. After selling-through the original version, the yellow-stripped P-Body Edition has been equally popular - hungry fans lined up at Comic-Con for chance to grab the few that were sold each day of the event. Good news for those that haven't grabbed one yet is that a blue-stripped Atlas Edition is on the way later this year. Also be on the look out for a Portal gun display stand. This great way to display your Portal passion will arrive sometime this fall priced at around $50.

    For Turret Sentry Gun fans, like myself, NECA will be releasing a blind-boxed minifigure assortment featuring the adorable killers in multiple colorways. Look for these, which are being developed by WizKids (but they are not HeroClix), this October. It was mentioned that a Do-It-Yourself Turret is a possibility, but no solid word on an electronic Turret replica I've been waiting for. You can do it NECA!

    TEAM FORTRESS 2: TF fans will finally see some action late fall as NECA rolls out the action figures. Look for Demo and Heavy to kick things off, followed by Pyro and Soldier. Each figure will release in both Team Red and Team Blue colors. NECA is also in the process of finalizing extra game content to be included with each figure, cool stuff like hats. Look for plush characters this September.


    Releasing February 26, 2013 will be BioShock Infinite, a game that ascends the watery world of BioShock and takes to the skies. Fans will first receive a Colombia Souvenir Statue this fall. Come January, NECA's first major BioShock Infinite product offerings debut. For 7-inch action figures, look for the Boys of Science (funky guy with musical horns on his head) and Elizabeth (which will feature a real fabric skirt!). Lastly, a 1:1 scale prop replica of the Sky-Hook will see release. This version will be made of high-impact plastic, similar to NECA's Gears of War guns, to keep the price down.


    Borderlands 2, the sequel to Gearbox Software's hit 2009 title, releases this September. On shelves now are action figures of Claptrap and Psycho Bandit (read our review HERE). This first assortment will be followed in early 2013 by Series 2 (NECA's fall release schedule is already packed, but hey, I imagine I'll still be playing Borderlands 2 well into the new year). Look for Zer0, an assassin character you can play, Salvador the "Gunzerker" and two crazy new Psycho Bandits - one featuring a flaming skull head!


    The gears keep turning at NECA as the company continues to please fans of Epic's hit shooter with new 7-inch action figures. On shelves now is Gears of War 3 Series 3 which consists of Journey's End Marcus, an all-new COG Soldier and two Savage Theron (see our story HERE). Released at Comic-Con as a show exclusive was the awesome looking Elite Theron (read our review HERE).

    Come November, Gearheads will receive a Toys"R"Us Exclusive Series featuring a COG Soldier with cool gold details (and packing both retro and new Lancers!), as well as two new standard Theron soldiers in red (these feature the new head sculpts featured on the Savage Theron).

    After that, it's all about Gears of War Judgment. Expect newly tooled characters from the game next year.

    ALIENS - CLICK HERE for SDCC12 Photos

    Hitting 2013 will be new 7-inch scale action figures from the hit movie ALIENS. On display was an early prototype of Bill Paxton as Private William Hudson. This "Game Over Man!" version features the Marine team's technician desperately fighting off the advancing Alien horde. I'm not totally sold on the expression, but others at the show loved it. I give NECA credit for trying something different, but I prefer a more neutral expression for display purposes. Other than that the figure looks incredible, from the detailed personalized armor to the iconic M41 Pulse Rifle. Michael Biehn as Corporal Dwayne Hicks is also planned, along with a newly tooled Alien Warrior. You can expect some variants in the mix (ie: different head sculpts).


    Although I think the film raised way more questions then it answered, I still loved Prometheus. It had a grand scale of sci-fi exploration mixed with a unique theme of creation. NECA is knocking it out of the park with their 7-inch scale action figure series, kicking off very strong this fall with two versions of the Engineer - in Pressure Suit and wearing his Chair Suit. Pre-orders are currently open on the duo. A cool thing to note on these is NECA's use of the "flesh-like" plastic, the same stuff used on their new Rocky figures. While not soft and squishy, the material does lend the collectibles a very organic and life-like look.

    In November, fans can expect a Toys"R"Us Exclusive Series 2 2-pack including a Battle Damaged Engineer as he appeared fighting the Trilobite creature (also included in the 2-pack) towards the end of the film. Stand alone Series 2 figures consist of Michael Fassbender as the android David and Logan Marshall-Green as an infected Charlie Holloway. These November releases WILL include a clear bubble helmet, which were not on display.

    The decapitated David head on display will be included with Series 3's Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw (not on display). Series 3 will also include Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers (also not on display). Series 3 is due out in 2013. Last but not least was the Deacon, the "proto-alien" seen at the end of the movie. This will be sold in a "creature pack" which will also include different Hammerpedes, as well as a bonus severed Engineer head with removable helmet (as seen in the medical autopsy scene).

    RAMBO - CLICK HERE for SDCC12 Photos

    Sylvester Stallone in his iconic role of John Rambo will receive 7-inch action figures. In 2013, fans can expect two versions of the ultimate soldier as seen in Rambo: First Blood, the version on display showing Rambo with his survival knife and makeshift wardrobe as he survives being chased in the woods.


    The massive news at Comic-Con was that NECA has finally secured the rights to produce 7-inch action figures of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer from the 1987 sci-fi classic, Predator. And many action figures is what fans will receive. Five Dutch figures are planned, two to be included in NECA's Predator Series 8 and two in Predator Series 9, both Predator 25th anniversary waves. A fifth Dutch will be an exclusive. The two Dutch figures on display (one will each be in separate series) were Dutch "Jungle Duel" and Dutch "Jungle Patrol".

    On the Predator side of the story, fans can expect a new TRU Exclusive Battle-Damaged Predator vs. Battle-Damaged Predator 2 action figure 2-pack later this year. This will include Predator 2's City Hunter (with rebreather mask and removable arm!) and Predator's Jungle Hunter. A new trophy skull will also be packed in so collectors can complete their trophy wall.

    Predator Series 6, due out this August, was on display and will include the remaining "Lost Tribe" figures: Warrior, Scout and Lost Predator.

    Predator Series 7 scheduled for release November 2012, will include the Red Predator from the fan film "Dead End", City Hunter (masked, w/ extended spear) and a Falconer (mid-cloaked w/ falcon).

    New Quarter Scale Predators include the Masked City Hunter (with telescoping spear!) and Warrior Predator. Look for these this October. An Unmasked City Hunter is possible for 2013.


    Just like the T-800, there's no stopping NECA's Terminator series. New on display was The Terminator Collection Series 3. This assortment will include Tanker Truck T-800 (Battle Damaged), Frosted T-1000 (liquid nitrogen scene, features a cool flecking effect, not just a repaint) and the fan-requested Kyle Reese 1984. Look for these this October.


    A Robocop action figure with spring activated holster is coming this September. Check it out in action in the video above!


    The big news here was that fans will be receiving a Nightmare on Elm Street Furnace Diorama! This item has been seen in the past as part of NECA's convention displays, and fans have demanded one. Look for it this October priced at around $40. The furnace, made out of foam and plastic, will light-up. Figure-wise, Nightmare on Elm Street Series 3 hits this August and includes Dream Warriors Freddy and Dream Child Freddy.

    Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees receives some love this winter with two action figures from The Final Chapter.


    Things are winding down for the adorable Mogwais, with Series 3, tentatively slated for an early 2013 release. Fans will be receiving Gremlins Series 2 this month (Phantom Gremlin, Lenny, Brown Gremlin) and Mogwai Series 2 (Mohawk, Combat Gizmo, Daffy). This winter, be on the look out for a Santa Gizmo (not on display) as a Toys"R"Us Exclusive.


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    Re: SDCC12: NECA Wrap-Up

    How can NECA stop making Gears of war 3 figures after 3 series' ?! They barely did any Savage Locust from the game! This is a grave disappointment, I was really hoping to expand my gears 3 collection with awesome savage figures and some other COG. what on Earth am I saying, they had SO many more figures to go on both Locust and Cog sides. That just frustrates the hell out of me. NECA, you've let me down.
    Sore Wa Kantan Desu!

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    Re: SDCC12: NECA Wrap-Up

    Yeah, the sad reality is that NECA lost the tooling for their Gears of War Locust (one of their Chinese manufacturers took it and ran). In otherwords, they had nothing to use to make a new Locust with for Gears 3 unless they started from scratch (read: mucho $$ and time consuming). The GOOD news is that they WILL be starting from scratch on a new Locust figure for release with their Judgment series. Complete new tooling with all the good added articulation.

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