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    SDCC12: Hasbro Star Wars

    Wave Goodbye to the Vintage Line...

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    Star Wars figure collectors have been very passionate fans of Hasbro's Vintage Collection and probably will be for the rest of their collecting days. Hasbro, however, has decided with much debate that it is time to put the Vintage Collection to rest... but only temporarily. The thought process behind this is that Hasbro doesn't want the Vintage line to wear out its welcome and become the norm or the usual. Of course I would be ecstatic if the Vintage line was the norm since it’s the most iconic and visually satisfying of all card backs next to the original G.I.Joe line.

    But with the (temporary) absence of the Vintage Collection, high quality action figures will still be delivered in the return of Droid Factory. New molds of droid parts have been created to bring fans completely new droids from the films. One to two droids can be built in each wave. Expect Droid Factory to begin shipping to retailers in Spring 2013. Over 30 figures will be made, 37 with all the droids.

    Clone Wars is still a big brand for Hasbro and the series will continue but expect more details at STAR WARS CELEBRATION VI in Orlando.

    Exclusive vehicles and figure packs will continue to be made in vintage-style packaging and - depending on how popular they are with collectors - more exclusives are a possibility with vintage packaging. This year, expect vintage boxes for the AT-ST, AT-AT, Millennium Falcon, and some figure packs as well.

    Here’s what’s been revealed for 2013 so far:

    Wave 1 – On Shelf Spring 2013

    - Padme Amidala
    - R2-D2 (with Rocket Boosters)
    - Biker Scout
    - TIE Pilot
    - Anakin Skywalker (Episode III)
    - Clone Trooper (Episode II – Green)
    - Sandtrooper
    - Luminari Unduli
    - Battle Droid (Episode II)
    - Geonosian Warrior
    - Pablo-Jill
    - 212th Clone Trooper

    * TC-70 build-a-droid
    * FA-4 build-a-droid

    Wave 2:

    - Mace Windu (Clone Wars)
    - Captain Rex (Clone Wars)
    - Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)
    - Mara Jade Skywalker (Jedi)
    - Darth Vader (Bespin)
    - A-Wing Pilot
    - Biggs Darklighter
    - Episode II Clone Pilot

    * R8-B7 build-a-droid
    * R5-X2 build-a-droid

    New 12” Figures – On-shelf Spring 2013

    - Darth Vader
    - Episode III Anakin Skywalker
    - Clone Trooper
    - Episode III Obi-Wan Kenobi


    - Darth Maul Returns Battle Pack: Nightsister, Darth Maul, Savage Opress – TARGET
    - AT-ST Scout Walker – Vintage Box – K-MART
    - Endor AT-ST Crew: AT-ST Driver & AT-ST Gunner – Vintage Box – K-MART
    - Ewok Scouts 2-Pack: Wunka & Widdle Warrick – Vintage Box – K-MART
    - Ewok Pack: Kneesaa, Flitchee, Nanta, Teebo, Tippet – Toys’R’Us
    - Yavin Pilot Pack: Tiree, Davish Krail, R5-D8, Jek Porkins, “Mauler” Mithel (TIE Pilot)
    - Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper (NEW MOLDS) – Toys’R’Us
    - Millennium Falcon Vintage Box – Toys’R’Us
    - AT-AT Endor Vintage Box – Toys’R’Us
    - Jocasta Nu – Brian’s Toys

    - David Yeh

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