I am wondering in McFarlane addressed the Master Chief figure issue with his shoulder pads being too low as compared to the in-game model.

I have compared the game vs the one posted on their site and everything seems decent except McFarlanes put the pads too low. I tried to find any screen shots to show the sitting low but I can't. There is something not right about it and it should be fixed.

If McFarlane Toys can't see that it does not look right then I will be pissed. They have it in their final sculp/finished photos wrong. You cannot or should not see that much of the upper black padding under the armor. It is like the slid down.

As a matter of fact in the game model there is a little plus sign sort of that in on this armor piece that sits on his bicept area and the bottom of the shoulder pad sits just below this plus sign. It is like a sight on a gun shape like a plus with no middle.

Anyway the pad sits just below this sign while the toy shoulder pad hangs down below the whole bicep part.

That right htere is crap design work period. If this is the final build for the toy then they blew it right there. While there are a few other things this is a glaring mistake.

I also have to complain that they could have put the reptile texture to his under armor instead of the flat plastic. I mean common this is the MC not Johnny Space Ranger.

I cannot wait to see if Kai Arts makes one.