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    REVIEW: Enterbay's Real Masterpiece Storm Warriors - Cloud 12" Figure

    Fan-Favorite Asian Wuxia Figure Gorgeously Comes to Life in 1/6th Form...

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    If you're a fan of the wuxia genre of martial arts films, you've probably heard of The Storm Riders, a 1998 film starring Ekin Cheng as Wind and Aaron Kwok as Cloud. Directed by Andrew Lau and based on the manhua series Fung Wan by artist Ma Wing-shing, the film featured cutting edge CGI and action scenes and made quite an impression to film fans almost 15 years ago. Back in 2009, the Pang Brothers brought to life another film based on Ma Wing-shing's manhua series: The Storm Warriors. Based on the series' Japanese Invasion story arc "The Death Battle," The Storm Warriors again stars Ekin Cheng as Wind and Aaron Kwok as Cloud and featured an all new enemy, amazing new special effects, and an engaging number of characters which, thankfully, Enterbay, has turned into Real Masterpiece action figures. These figures include antagonists Lord Godless and Heart as well as protagonists Wind and Cloud .

    My personal favorite character from both the manhua and wuxia live-action films is Cloud, a no-nonsense swordsman who wields the Ultimate Superior Sword and fights with a chip on his shoulder and more power than any one swordsman should have. Armed with one of the most powerful weapons ever created and the amazing ability to wield it well, the armored warrior with a brash attitude comes to life thanks to Enterbay and fans of wuxia are sure to be impressed.


    The figure comes packaged in a solidly constructed square case which opens like a book and uses magnets to keep the top sealed. The package artwork includes impressive images of the film character as well as information about Enterbay. The package's insides includes a durable foam liner which protects the figure and accessories. Overall, the packaging is durable, well designed, easy to open and close, and holds the figure solidly inside.


    The figure's sculpt is very well done and the artists for Enterbay did a solid job of capturing the likeness of actor Aaron Kwok. Everything from the character's sweeping, wind-blown hair, high cheek bones, and arm scar are included here, ensuring as much as screen accuracy as possible.

    The figure's muscular body, while not as muscular as many other more recently released 12" muscular bodies, still features plenty of muscular definition as well as detail. Other parts of the figure which also feature detailed sculpting include the body and arm armor as well as boots. As all parts are molded from plastic, they feature plenty of minute detail and sculpting. The body armor is impressive, featuring scale-plate design across the body and abdomen as well as a sculpted shoulder plate. Likewise, the boots, which are made of faux-leather and fully cover the foot, calf and extend above the knee, feature detailed designs as well as filigree around the toe and heel.

    An interesting detail on the figure is the cloth-wrapped hands, which feature both a good amount of sculpted detail as well as impressive weathered cloth wraps, which are screen accurate. Besides the cloth-wrapped hands, the figure's entire outfit is screen accurate. The brown pants feature a design sown onto them while the cape features multiple stitched portions which give it a damaged look. Overall, the clothing is well made and screen accurate.


    The Enterbay Real Masterpiece 12" figure body includes a generous amount of articulation, including the standard ball-joint neck, as well as double-jointed shoulders, hips, elbows, wrists, and ankles as well as double-jointed knees and twist and pivot waist and torso. The figure's outfit - specifically the armor and boots - limit the figure's poseability, though the figure can still strike plenty of action-based poses which should make collectors happy.


    The figure includes numerous accessories, including the character's signature weapon, the Ultimate Superior Sword, as well as four pair of interchangeable hands, a sheath for the sword, and a real metal base which provides plenty of display stability for the figure.

    The most impressive accessories is obviously the swords, which is made of real metal and features an impressive, screen-accurate design as well as detailed sculpting.


    With a retail price of approximately $149.99, the price is consistent with other figures of similar size, style, and design. Featuring screen-accurate tailored clothing and molded armor, an impressive sculpt of actor Aaron Kwok, a well articulated 12" body, and a heavy metal sword, the Enterbay Real Masterpiece Storm Warriors: Cloud 12" figure is a great piece to add to any Asian cinema wuxia fan's collection. Cloud is an amazing character - brutal, harsh, powerful yet graceful, smooth, and elegant when necessary; Cloud is everything that fans love in a swordsman. Who wouldn't want to have an impressive Cloud figure on their display shelf?

    Be sure to check out our PHOTO GALLERY for over 40 images of this impressive figure.

    - review and photos by Jess C. Horsley
    - sample courtesy of Enterbay
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