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    ADVANCE LOOK: DC HeroClix War of the Light Fast Forces Pack

    Fight the darkness with six warriors of light...

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    HeroClix has been on a huge roll this past year, with tons of new product and expansion into new licenses. DC Comics has been on a bit of a hiatus lately since the Superman set in September. Now, the wait is finally over with this week’s release of the latest Fast Forces pack: the War of the Light! Perfect for new players (and veterans too), Fast Forces sets include six figures with complementary point values so you can easily build a team right out of the box and start playing. Each “FF” pack so far has been tied to a particular expansion set, and this one is no different. War of the Light brings back the rainbow-colored warriors of the various Lantern Corps from one of the most popular DC HeroClix sets of all time, 2010’s DC 75th Anniversary expansion (see our review HERE). Returning with all new dials in an easy to collect package are that set’s Atrocitus (Red Lantern), Larfleeze (Orange Lantern), Sinestro (Sinestro Corps), Saint Walker (Blue Lantern), Indigo-1 (Indigo Tribe), and Star Sapphire (Star Sapphires/Violet Lantern Corps) plus a brand new double-sided map!

    WizKids has standardized the Fast Forces packaging in a display that’s both functional and attractive. A sturdy clamshell displays the six figures while a decorated sleeve behind them holds all of the paper contents: map, character cards, etc. In this case, the Lanterns are surrounded by the symbols of their respective Corps against a star field making for a colorful and dynamic presentation. The insert in front of the figures bears a snarling Sinestro at the bottom next to the name of the set, while the back panel has a description of the DC Fast Forces in front of an image of all the Lantern leaders (including Hal) from the comics. Pop open the clamshell to free the figures from a plastic tray, but be very careful opening the sleeve; you have to cut open either side and you don’t want to damage the contents within.

    If you’re new to Green Lantern comics and the larger world it’s become via Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Red Lanterns, you may not know about the different colors that have sprung up over the last few years. Put simply, there is a literal rainbow of Lanterns that harness different colors/segments of the emotional spectrum. It all started with Green/Willpower, but now that’s expanded to Red/Rage, Orange/Avarice, Yellow/Fear, Blue/Hope, Indigo/Compassion, and Violet/Love (during the events and aftermath of Blackest Night there were also Black/Death and White/Life as well). Each Corps has its own mission and unique members, exemplified by the characters in this set. Atrocitus is the leader and creator of the Red Lanterns, raging against the Guardians for the Manhunters destroying Sector 666. Larfleeze is known as Agent Orange who jealously controls the power of an entire Corps. Sinestro created his own army to further his own agenda using the yellow light of fear, while Saint Walker was the first hopefully being given a Blue Lantern ring. Indigo-1 represents compassion and can channel the light of any other Corps, while Carol Ferris brings the light of love with her longtime association with the Star Sapphire.

    The DC 75th Anniversary set brought these characters to life with great figures. Atrocitus, Saint Walker, Indigo-1, Carol Ferris, and Larfleeze were “Rare” figures, while Sinestro was (and continues to be) a highly sought after Super Rare. They have uniformly impressive sculpts that leap right out of the pages of Green Lantern, from Atrocitus’ violent leap into battle to Indigo-1’s somber crouch as she holds her staff. Star Sapphire flies gracefully through space as Saint Walker summons the incredibly power of hope in a zen pose. The two most impressive figures are Larfleeze and Sinestro; the former clutches his lantern battery atop a rocky base while his Orange Lantern minion Glomulus attacks and the latter levitates with one hand carrying his battery and the other directing a giant solid energy spiked mace! Each figure is expertly painted in his or her respective Lantern Corps colors, accurate to their comic appearances down to their Lantern logos. Colors are vivid and dynamic, while several of them are further embellished with translucent parts like Glomulus, flight bases, Atrocitus’ red flames, and more.

    While the figures are back from DC 75th, they’re equipped with all new dials for a totally different game experience. Except for Indigo-1 at 100 points the other five figures have more modest point totals than their first incarnations, ranging from Sinestro at 200 to Star Sapphire’s rookie starting line at 50. She, Sinestro, and Atrocitus each have two starting lines, further adding to their flexibility. An included sheet gives you three easy options for team building: Sinestro (200) and Indigo-1 (100) for 300 points, Star Sapphire (50), Larfleeze (150), Sinestro (125), and Saint Walker (75) for 400, and Atrocitus (175), Larfleeze (150), Indigo-1 (100), and Star Sapphire (75) for 500. The figures have cool new powers and traits as well, boosting their effectiveness individually and as part of a team. For instance, Larfleeze can move opposing characters and deal penetrating damage via Poison, Star Sapphire prevents two opposing characters from damaging one another, and Atrocitus has an amazing trait that gives ALL characters within 5 squares Battle Fury! Ranges vary from Atrocitus’ 0 to Saint Walker’s 6, 7 with two targets on Larfleeze, Indigo-1, and Star Sapphire, and a massive 8 range with two targets for Sinestro. All six Lanterns fly, while Atrocitus and Sinestro are Indomitable; the once and future Green Lantern also has the Sharpshooter symbol. Each figure comes with a character card that explains all of its powers and includes a brief biography.


    Other than the great reissued sculpts and new dials, the War of the Light Fast Forces also comes with a brand new map! One side is Okaara, homeworld of Agent Orange in the Vega System. The map represents the approach to Larfleeze’s stronghold, half outdoor and half indoor. There’s a ton of different terrain types scattered all around the map, creating a convoluted battlefield with plenty of places to hide and blocked approaches. Look closely to see the Orange Lantern symbol inside the ruins, which also appears on the set’s blocking terrain tokens. The other side of the map is Qward, center of the Anti-Matter universe and birthplace of the Sinestro Corps! As seen in Sinestro Corps War storyline, the giant yellow power battery stands at the head of a canyon where Qwardians slave away building more rings and lanterns. The map recreates this terrain with a four-level terraced arena with scattered patches of hindering terrain.

    With great sculpts from a hard to find set, popular characters that are still featured in current comics, and eminently playable dials the War of the Light Fast Forces set is primed to be a big hit with players and collectors of all things Lantern-related. Of course, with only six figures the set lacks a Green Lantern, but there are lots of those around including several in the DC 75th set and more coming up in this year’s releases. As always you’ll want to look for the pack with the best painted figures, but you shouldn’t have a problem as these are very well done. The War of the Light Fast Forces pack will be available this week wherever you buy or play HeroClix.

    For more information head over to for more info as well as downloads of rules and maps, and stay tuned to this week for a look at the other new Fast Forces set!

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Sample Courtesy of WizKids Games

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