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    ADVANCE LOOK: Marvel HeroClix Infinity Gauntlet Month 6 Prize Kit

    Bow down before the Collector...

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    If you haven’t been playing HeroClix for the last few months, you’ve really missed out. In addition to a tremendous amount of great products rolling out of WizKids Games (see our review of the most recent expansion set Galactic Guardians HERE), players have been competing in monthly tournaments centered around the most famous of Marvel Comics’ relics: the Infinity Gauntlet. A glove combining the power of the six Infinity Gems, the Gauntlet grants near limitless power to its wielder in the comics... and in HeroClix! Each month of the Infinity Gauntlet series gives participating tournament players a piece of the relic (the basic Gauntlet and then one gem per month) and the chance to win an exclusive figure from the classic Infinity Gauntlet storyline. June is Month 6 of the series, and we’ve got your first look at the Collector and Reality Gem!

    "Collector" is the nickname of Taneleer Tivan, one of the cosmically powerful Elders of the Universe. Each one chose a particular pastime to focus his or her energies and time, with Tivan deciding to accumulate interesting specimens and items from across the universe. Unfortunately for the heroes of Earth, this penchant for collecting has on several occasions extended to our poor planet, though good has generally prevailed in the end. The Collector figure captures the odd little fellow with his unique look - a small elderly man in a flamboyant costume.


    With a typically "Elder" sense of fashion, Tivan wears a red outfit with a dark blue cape and orange boots, rope belt, and gloves. A little on the short side at an inch and a half tall, the Collector stands in a great haughty pose, erect with his arms crossed in front of him. For a little guy he’s got a very good sculpt with nicely detailed clothing including creases and folds, and of course the resplendent baubles at his neck and on the back of his gloves. Recessed within his cape’s huge collar, the white-haired Elder is wrinkled and noble, overseeing his massive collection and planning on adding to it.

    In game terms, the Collector is a mid-range Elder of the Universe clocking in at a stately 210 points. He has the requisite Power Cosmic Team Ability so his powers can’t be outwitted and he can act without taking pushing damage. As with the other Elders the Collector can start the game with his particular gem (you still have to pay its cost), and his double-sized "peanut" base has a special post to accommodate it. He also has another trait that perfectly portrays his search for collectibles; "A Unique Specimen!" modifies the Collector’s attack by +2 when attacking a Unique character! On the dial the Collector has solid stats and a neat array of powers making him fun to play but not overpowered.

    The Collector's powers progress in blocks, starting with Phasing/Teleport, the cool special power "Add You to the Collection" giving him a souped-up Incapacitate (apply two tokens or one and place the character in your starting area), and Impervious for three clicks. After taking a hit the Collector goes into hiding and switches to Stealth, Energy Explosion, Invulnerability, and Shape Change for two clicks. The next phase of his dial features Mind Control, Toughness, and Perplex for two clicks, while click #7 sees the brief return of "Add You to the Collection." Finally the Collector finishes out his dial with a potent two click combination of Phasing/Teleport to run away, Regeneration to heal, and Shape Change to avoid getting KO'ed!

    Among the Collector's many accumulated belongings was the Reality Gem (although he never knew the full power it held). Like the four gems before it, the Reality Gem special object is 1 ¼ inches tall, a translucent "gem" atop a white column-like pillar. This one is a bright yellow which nicely contrasts with the others thus far: green, red, orange, and purple. When used as a special object on its own, the


    Reality Gem is a 10 point relic that follows the typical rules and can be picked up on a roll of 5-6. When used, it grants the wielder Probability Control that can only be used during that character's turn. If the Collector starts the game with the Reality Gem, it gives him the aforementioned use of PC plus another use during an opponent's turn! Of course, when mounted on the Infinity Gauntlet the gem increases that item's effectiveness and power (and cost).

    Each Infinity Gauntlet Month 6 kit comes with twenty Reality Gems to be given out as participation prizes and four copies of the Collector figure for 1st place, 2nd place, fellowship winner, and the judge. The WizKids-suggested tournament format is 400 point Modern Age constructed with a Named-keyword Theme team on the "Collector's Ship" map that was included with the Month 5 kit. Make sure to find out when your local venue is holding its tournament, and if you don’t have one then head over to and check out their "Find a Store" function. The Infinity Gauntlet series is wrapping up in the next few months, so don’t miss out on the great prizes in the final three events!

    Make sure to keep your eyes on as we’ll be previewing more upcoming HeroClix figures soon.

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Sample Courtesy of WizKids Games

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