The original Predator gets Busted...

Sideshow's Predator Legendary Bust is IN-STOCK priced at $349.99. FLEXPay is available as a payment option.

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Today we are taking an inside look at the latest Predator piece from Sideshow Collectibles. Sideshow continues to expanding their dynamically-detailed bust line with the addition of the intergalactic hunter, the Predator. Based on the original Stan Winston creature from the 1987 sci-fi hit film, this highly-detailed hand crafted collectible is a must-have for fans.

Sideshow has done a fantastic job with the packaging for this piece by showcasing an oversized image of the Predator bust from various angles along with the classic Predator film logo. The overall design and package presentation is visually impressive and gets the job done by generating excitement for the item within by just looking at the box.

This piece features an amazing level of sculpted details which give this three-dimensional replica of the original Predator’s head a remarkably-realistic look. The head is slightly tilted to the right and non-symmetrical facial expression gives this Predator bust a very natural and organic look. The tentacles on the back of the creature’s head are molded out of a slightly-flexible material and intertwine with each other seamlessly. Thorn sharp quills protrude from the Predator’s chest and forehead and the netting on the torso is made of actual thick fabric strands. The ornate bone necklace around the Predator’s neck is made up of individually threaded bones which is a very unique element and adds style to the piece. The base of the bust is styled to resemble that of the uniquely-styled waist belt worn by the creature in the 1987 hit film. This 1:2 scale bust is almost 17 inches tall and 10 inches wide making this piece stand out significantly among other Predator collectibles while not going overboard on the size.

The color application work on this piece is nothing short of spectacular with a vivid blend of dark earth tone splashed across the light sand-colored flesh that covers the Predator’s head an torso. The light pink gums along the inside of the creature’s mandibles are riddled in dark-colored nerves. The threaded bones that surround the creature’s neck have a natural aged look to them which is captured flawlessly through a blend of earth tone washes with a burnt umber dry-brush to bring out the details. The shoulder armor and base of the bust look like aged and worn metal. The strap across the chest is also painted to look like realistically worn-out leather.

With a substantial selection of Predator collectibles in the market today, this one particular piece stands out significantly as a result of its mixed media elements, large size and amazing color applications. This amazing 1:2 scale bust is up for grabs now via Sideshow Collectibles for $350 and is also available in an exclusive edition which includes a decorative name plaque.

Review and Photos by: Jorge Pelaez
Sample Provided by: Sideshow Collectibles