New Avengers, Star Wars Vintage, Transformers Prime, GI Joe Retaliation, more!


* Several new Transformers Prime pre-orders have been posted. The next wave includes Airrachnid, Bumblebee, and Deadend. Also posted are the new line from Hasbro called Fall of Cybertron Transformers Generations. The first wave includes Optimus Prime, Jazz and Shockwave!

* GI Retaliation Action Figure and Vehicle pre-orders are now available. Looks to be an interesting line.

* The newest Star Wars Vintage pre-orders are posted. This wave includes Nikto Skiff Guard, Grand Moff Tarkin, Clone Pilot Odd Ball, Shae Vizla, and Galen Marek.

* The next round of Amazing Spider-Man action figures and DC Direct busts/statues are now availale for pre-order.

* The next wave of Avengers figures are up for pre-order. This wave includes Skrull Soldier, Black Window and a movie version of Hawkeye.

* LEGO fans will be glad to know the Series 7 Minifigures will be on the way soon. You can pick up just the figures you like or the whole set!


PGT have lots of NEW items from the following lines: Halo Anniversary, Star Wars Vintage, Clone Wars, Transformers, Bowen Deisgns, WWE, LEGO, Sideshow and Gears of War

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