Is your inventory protected traveling to and at shows?

"In an event dreaded by all [Dealers], Avatar Press EiC William Christensen reports that the publisher's convention trailer and its comic book contents were stolen this past Tuesday. The white, 5x8' trailer was parked at Corner Store Comics in Anaheim following this past weekend's WonderCon…]" - - Comics Alliance, March 23, 2012
Is your inventory protected when you are traveling to and at shows? The Collectibles Insurance Program provides coverage for theft or damage of your inventory while in transit and at shows.

Here are some other tips to further protect you inventory while on the road:

• Always physically secure vehicles transporting your inventory. Make sure you vehicle is locked and alarmed. Do not leave property in plain site within the vehicle. If using a trailer, be sure there is a lock on the hitch and on the trailer door(s).

• If parking the vehicle or trailer overnight, park in a well lit area close to hotel or convention entrance. Take your most valuable items with you.

• While at the show, be sure to bring enough staff to adequately serve customers and monitor your booth. Keep most valuable items in hard to reach spot where customers will need your assistance. Take your most valuable with you – do not leave them in the booth overnight.

• Before you leave for a show, make a list of the inventory you are taking with you. And when you are packing up, check the list to ensure you have your entire inventory minus the items that you sold.

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