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    Deluxe Captain Action and Marvel Costume Sets

    Round 2 brings back a classic for a new generation to enjoy...

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    Captain Action makes his triumphant return to toy shelves this month with a fantastic updated 12-inch action figure by Round 2. Both old and new collectors alike can now enjoy the thrill of transforming the master of disguise with iconic Marvel character costumes; the first pair consisting of "friendly neighborhood" Spider-Man and "the sentinel of justice," Captain America.

    Both Captain Action and the costume sets are available as basic and deluxe versions. The basic Captain Action runs around $35, while the deluxe model - at a SRP of $45 - includes bonus retro packaging that is sure to please the old timers. The basic costume sets cost $20 and include the core gear to transform Captain Action (boots, masks, etc), where the $30 deluxe sets pack in a few extras, including a bonus "Assemble an Avenger" Hawkeye piece. More on that later. Up for review today are the deluxe figure and sets, read on...

    PACKAGING: The Captain Action deluxe figure features an eye-catching multi-colored window box package consisting of both modern and classical elements of the iconic adventure hero. The main package consists of a completely clear plastic box which houses the multi-colored cardboard insert within. The main Captain Action figure comes in a rectangular plastic tray on the right side and the accessories sit in a separate tray on the left.

    As an added incentive, the deluxe version of the Captain Action figure includes a bonus throw-back rectangular box package which resembles the original toy packaging circa 1965 (pictured top).

    The accessories are concealed underneath a closing flap on the left side which features a character bio along the inside and a contemporary illustration of the Captain Action along the outside. The back of the package features more full color artwork and reveals the vintage packaging artwork via a clear window on the right hand side.

    The deluxe Marvel costumes feature an eye-catching design which blends classic comic book art combined with a vibrantly colorful pop art design. The front left side of the package features an oversized image of the Marvel character while the costume and accessories are showcased elegantly in front of a bright yellow backer card. The back of the package features some character and product imagery as well.

    As mentioned earlier, the deluxe costumes are also a part of the "Assemble an Avenger" promotion - made further evident by the promotional sticker on the front of the package. Each deluxe figure set includes different parts to make up a full Hawkeye costume. How it works is simple: Collect all six of the first deluxe costume packs released during the year to build a bonus Hawkeye uniform set. With the first two costume set releases, collectors receive Hawkeye's bow, arrows and quiver with Spider-Man, while Captain America includes Hawkeye's boots.

    The packaging presentation and design of both the deluxe Captain Action figure and the Marvel costumes are very well thought-out and visually appealing.

    SCULPT: Round 2 has done a fantastic job updating the classic adventure hero by maintaining the classical elements of the costume and accessories while adding a lot of detail to the piece that could not be achieved in the '60s. The sculpted portrait on Captain Action is very simple and clean but then again it is based on a vintage toy. The smiling facial expression on the figure will appeal to children and vintage toy collectors.

    ARTICULATION: The articulated male buck features a wide range of moveable joints which support plentiful dynamic poses on the figure. While the Captain Action body is quite versatile, the soft rubbery boots can make it rather challenging at times to hold a pose without the figure falling over. This is something can be easily remedied with the inclusion of a display stand which would be a major plus had the 12” figure or costumes included one.

    The Marvel costume pieces are sculpted very well and feature plenty of detail while maintaining that vintage retro look of the characters intact.

    PAINT: The paint applications on both the costume set pieces and the Captain Action figure itself are very clean and uniform. The most striking paintwork is evident on the Spider-Man costume's mask, forearms and boots. The Captain America masks are painted well too, while the boots and forearms seam to just be molded out of solid red-colored rubber.

    ACCESSORIES (Captain Action): Captain Action includes a wide range of unique accessories and extras which provide for a vast amount of display options. This will be a big hit with children as they can role play and create all sorts of exciting scenarios and adventures with the Captain.

    The Captain Action deluxe 12” figure includes a plethora of detailed accessories consisting of:

    - Futuristic lightning sword
    - Ray Gun with removable gun holster
    - Extra pair of closed fists
    - Removable hat
    - Removable belt and utility pouch
    - Folder with documents, photos and folded map
    - Voice Communicator

    The first two deluxe Marvel character disguises consist of Captain America and Spider-Man. Each deluxe costume set includes all the parts you need to disguise Captain Action as one of the Marvel heroes, in addition to their alter ego via a human rubber mask. The main fabric costume consists of a one-piece spandex suit which can be fastened at the back via a Velcro strip. The costumes include rubber forearms and boots, as well as the two rubber masks that fit over the Captain's head.

    The Spider-Man deluxe costume set includes:

    - Spiderman spandex suit
    - Peter Parker mask
    - Spiderman mask
    - Waist belt
    - Mini camera (attaches to belt)
    - Two pair of forearms (2 web shooting, 1 gripping, 1 open hand)
    - One pair of rubber boots
    - One pair of web shooters
    - Daily Bugle newspaper and photo replicas
    - Bonus Build-An-Avenger pieces (Hawkeye's boots)

    The Captain America deluxe costume set includes:

    - Captain America spandex suit
    - Captain America mask
    - Steve Rogers mask
    - 2 pairs of forearms (2 closed fists and 2 gripping hands)
    - 1 pair of rubber boots
    - 2 pairs of shield straps (short/long)
    - Black belt
    - 4 utility pouches
    - Round shield
    - Rectangular shield
    - Newspaper replica
    - Bonus Build-An-Avenger parts (Hawkeye's quiver with arrows and bow)

    OVERALL: Having been born in the late '70s, I never had a chance to play with a Captain Action when I was a child but I undoubtedly know that this unique concept would have provided me with endless hours of fun if I had. Round 2 has done a fantastic job bringing back this iconic concept and re-introducing it to today's kids and adult collectors alike.

    With all the buzz over the long-awaited Avengers film and the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, it couldn't be a better time for the iconic Captain Action Marvel costumes which are sure to be a big hit in the toy aisles. With the upcoming summer release of Captain Action's arch nemesis Dr. Evil and Thor and Loki Marvel sets (and even more come this fall!), it is a great time to relive our childhood memories and experience these one-of-kind toys once again.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Round 2

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