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    Armarauders - The Last Battalion

    Weapons locked on target: original mecha comic and toyline on the horizon...

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    Mecha Workshop presents Armarauders: The Last Battalion, an epic futuristic battle between the forces of Earth against a destructive alien race known as the Wasters (read the entire synopsis HERE). Created by Valent Wang and Don Figueroa (of Transformers comic fame), Armarauders is an ambitious multi-tiered project that focuses on the team's love for robots, or mecha.

    To help introduce fans to the world of Armarauders, Mecha Workshop has launched an online web-comic that can be viewed on their Facebook page and soon on a dedicated website (a mini-site has been set up - full experience to come). Two six-issue story arcs are planned, each issue to consist of 28 pages. Check out the first 16 pages of Issue #1 in our gallery below.

    The build-up is all in anticipation of an Armarauder toyline later in the year. Inspired by "combiners" - a group of Transformers that assemble and combine their bodies into a single machine, or that composite machine itself - Mecha Workshop is developing a core action figure that can be expanded upon with add-on sets. That core figure will be the Bellerophon Mech, which according to Valent Wang is "the first Mech designed for combat in Armarauders' universe... The infantry/workhorse of the Human race."

    The fully articulated Bellerophon figure will stand 9-inches tall (scaled down from an originally planned 11") and will include a pilot figure (with firearm) that can be stowed inside. The figure will also pack a full load out of interchangeable weapons and accessories.

    Planned add-on packs include additional armor and weapons sets and a cool Pegasus Drone - a massive winged jet pack that can also fly on its own. While pricing has not yet been established, Mecha Workshop's Valent Wang aims to "make the toys as affordable as possible. We want to encourage 'troop/army' collecting." The Bellerophon figure is estimated for release by the end of the year, early next year with add-on packs to follow. To further tie the comic series and toyline together, each figure will include an exclusive Armarauder comic book (a variant of the online version).

    While still in its infancy, Armarauders is already shaping up to be a very fresh and exciting approach to the mecha genre. Keep an eye out right here for more Armarauder news, especially on the toyline, as the year progresses.

    CLICK HERE for an extensive Armarauder photo gallery, including a closer look at the early Bellerophon figure prototype and tons of eye-popping Don Figueroa concept art.

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