Big names in new places...

McFarlane Toys announces the official SportsPicks starting lineup for NFL series 30. Hitting retail in September, this upcoming series showcases:

* Peyton Manning in his brand new Broncos jersey

* Tim Tebow in Jets green

* Matt Forte - new pose

* Aaron Rodgers - sporting a new Packers jersey

* Calvin "Megatron" Johnson - SportsPicks debut

* Andrew Luck - SportsPick debut

Hard to find, Collector Level variants include:

* Packers MVP Aaron Rodgers stars in this series with a Premier Level CL figure that includes an authentic autograph on a special signature plate. Only 150 produced.

* Luck, Johnson, and Tebow are Bronze Level CL figures in series 30, while Forte is Silver Level. As a special bonus for fans, Manning will be offered as a Classic Chase in his Colts retro white jersey.