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    Three New Skylanders' Figures Released

    Wave 4 hits retail: Lightning Rod, Sunburn and Zook...

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    New Skylanders Spyro's Adventure characters, Lightning Rod and Zook, along with Sunburn as part of the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack are now available at major retailers. The Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack gives players access to a whole new level, along with other fun upgrades, in Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.


    Element: Air

    Primary Attack: Lightning Bolt
    Secondary Attack: Grand Lightning Summoning
    Upgrades include: Thunderation, Zapper Field and Lightning Avatar

    Lightning Rod once lived in the majestic Cloud Kingdom, where his countless acts of heroism along with his winning smile and electric physique made him the most famous storm giant in the realm. He was a true celebrity, and the palace halls were littered with statues of the chiseled hero. But all the praise and admiration could never quite satisfy Rod, who yearned for something more. As luck would have it, he met an adventurous young dragon named Spyro, who told him fantastic stories of faraway places and dangerous adventures. Rod was spellbound, and he set off with Spyro to seek an audience with Eon to join the Skylanders.

    [ame=""]LIGHTNING ROD[/ame]


    Element: Fire

    Primary Attack: Flamethrower Breath
    Secondary Attack: Immolation Teleport
    Upgrades include: Blazethrower, Phoenix Dash and Infinite Flame

    Born in the center of an active volcano, Sunburn is part dragon, part phoenix, and 100% fire power. He is very proud of his unique heritage, and is the only dragon and phoenix hybrid known to exist in Skylands. This rare combination makes him a desirable target for dark wizards and bounty hunters that seek to gain power by unlocking the secrets behind Sunburn’s ability to teleport. Joining the Skylanders gave Sunburn a way to help defend the world from evil, but also provided him with protection, as he remains one of the most sought after creatures in Skylands.



    Element: Life

    Primary Attack: Bazooka Attack
    Secondary Attack: Foliage Barrier
    Upgrades include: Mortar Attack, Full Splinter Jacket and Exploding Shrapnel

    Zook hails from a strange and unusual species called Bambazookers, who once lived their entire lives standing in place... until Zook discovered they could walk simply by stepping out of the mud. After that, he became a wandering hero, using his hand-carved bamboo tube as a bazooka that fires special explosive thorns. Campfire songs were even written about him. Now, Zook spends him time as a Skylander, figuring he can be an even bigger hero… and have even more songs written about him.


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Name:	SSA_DragonsPeak_Blister_FINAL_HiRes.jpg 
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Name:	SSA_LightningRod_Blister_FINAL_HiRes.jpg 
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Name:	Zook_Blister_FINAL_HiRes.jpg 
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