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    Hot Toys Predators MMS - Classic Predator

    The original interstellar hunter gets a make-over...

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    Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece "Predators" collection continues to expand with the fifth 1:6th figure release, the Classic Predator. This new figure, pulled from 2010's Predators, includes a brand new diorama base depicting the Predator base camp in the movie. The creature's overall look inspired by the original 1987 Predator film, with some subtle differences... and some major upgrades as well. For collector's who missed out on the original 1987 movie figure, this is a great opportunity to fill the gap in their collection.

    The Classic Predator utilizes the same packaging as all the previous Predators MMS figures: a fifth window box featuring a slide-out decorative sleeve with clear red film that showcases the Predator image on the main box underneath. The figure, parts and diorama base are stored within several different interlocking plastic tray layers. The main box features a large image of the Classic Predator in the front of the lid and a full body image of the figure on the interior facing the box window. Hot Toys continues to push the envelope with their packaging by reinforcing the figure and all its parts to keep them from shuffling around in the package and thus avoiding the piece from being damaged.

    While Hot Toys' original '87 Predator figure was very well made and an overall must-have piece for die-hard collectors, this new version outshines its predecessor by miles. For starters, the head sculpt on the new Predator features a lot more detail and the tendrils on the head are made up of individual flexible rubber strands which hang straight down.

    The Classic Predator also includes two versions of the bio-mask -battle-ravaged and regular - which attach directly into the face. Unlike the previous release which had an oversized helmet that fit over the head portrait, the new version has the chin piece of the creature sculpted permanently into the interior of the mask and attaches directly into the peg holes surrounding the mouth. The new bio-helmet concept is a significant improvement as it eliminates the need for an oversized mask that fits over the entire head portrait.

    Another distinguished trait of the new Predator is that it utilizes the updated larger buck body from the previous Predators clan releases, which is a lot more size-accurate. The unique texturing around the body is much improved on this new piece as well. The Classic Predator includes an all new display diorama that depicts the predator clan’s camp with the remains of a giant dinosaur skull and an outstretched piece of skin from one of its prey.

    While this new Classic Predator does not feature the same mid-torso and mid-bicep joint as the '87 version, it still offers a wide range of movement. All the joints on the figure are nice and tight allowing the figure to remain in most poses you place him in. Overall, this new predator figure features over 22 points of articulation.

    The paint applications on the figure are fantastic, surpassing the previous '87 version by leaps and bounds. Some of the most notable improvements in the paint job are evident in the mouth and face. The interior of the mouth is so detailed, you can even see the tiny little veins along the gums. The facial details are colored flawlessly resulting in the most movie-accurate sixth scale classic predator to date.

    Aside from the pair of interchangeable bio-masks with light-up feature, the Classic Predator includes a plethora of extra parts which add significant value to the piece. The LED lights on the mask and forearm control panel are very bright and do not fade out after a short period of time.

    The Predators MMS Classic Predator Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features the following accessories:

    - Interchangeable expanded and relaxed mandibles
    - Six interchangeable hands (closed fist, open and pointing)
    - Articulated shoulder cannon
    - Right forearm armor with retractable metal blade
    - Left forearm armor with opening control panel
    - Additional left forearm control panel with light port
    - Interchangeable hologram parts

    Hot Toys has once again exceeded my expectations with this fantastic new addition to their Predators MMS collection. Although this high-end piece will set you back over $200, its packed-in accessories, light-up features and diorama base more than make up for the hefty price tag. Wether you are a die-hard Predator fan or simply want to own the ultimate classic Predator sixth scale figure released to date, picking up this piece should be a no-brainer.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Thumbs up Re: Hot Toys Predators MMS - Classic Predator

    best hot toys predator figure to date imo.

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    Re: Hot Toys Predators MMS - Classic Predator

    Indeed Hot Toys' best Predator figure to date. I cannot praise it enough, it is a superb piece.

    Interesting to see if they'll top this with their new releases this year.

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