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    Kotobukiya Bishoujo Tekken - CHRISTIE MONTEIRO

    The Brazilian beauty dances her way into your collection...

    The Christie Monteiro Tekken Bishoujo Statue is in-stock through Kotobukiya priced at $59.99.

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    The Tekken game series from Namco premiered in 1994 and has become one of the most popular fighting game franchises ever, with six main game titles, several spin-off games, and a recently released CGI movie. The game features an ever-growing line-up of characters, from the jaguar-headed King and animated dummy Mokujin to the samurai Yoshimitsu and the demonic Devil Jin along with a variety of sexy female fighters such as Nina Williams.

    While First appearing in Tekken 4, Christie Monteiro, the student of the Tekken 4 fighter Eddy Gordo, has become one of the most popular female fighters in the franchise. Harnessing the Brazilian fighting-style capoeira to compete in the King of Iron Fist tournament, she makes her debut in figure form as the first character in the Tekken Bishoujo Statue series from Kotobukiya.

    Christie comes packaged in a full-color display box with windows to view the figure on the top, side, and front. The box is overall black with Shunya Yamasita’s beautiful artwork gracing the packaging on all sides. The back features images of the enclosed figure with a short bio on the character. Inside, the figure is set against a flaming backdrop and is protected by a form-fitting clamshell and wrapped in several places by plastic to protect her paint. Be careful removing her from the packaging however, as parts of the figure are extremely delicate, especially her ponytail, which this reviewer found out her hand.

    Based on the artwork of the amazing illustrator Shunya Yamashita, sculptor Busujimax brings his vision to stunning three-dimensions, giving fans a sexy rendition of Brazilian fighter as seen in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Standing around 10 inches (1/7 scale) on a clear display base, Christie is posed in a capoeira fighting stance with her leg tucked up and her belt and hair whipping around her to suggest the wild, continuous movement of her art.

    The sculpting is impressive overall, with the pose and costuming meant to accentuate the beauty and roundness of her body. The muscle structure and tone are very pleasing and realistic and the smoothness of her skin is contrasted nicely with the finely scaled texture of her top and pants. Translucent plastic has been used for her hair and the feathers on her gloves to give them a wispier and more feathery appearance. Smaller details such as the butterfly emblem clasp on her back and the clear colored beads on her tassels are a nice touch. My one complaint on the sculpting is that while most of the seams are hid extremely well, there are some rather prominent seams on the middle of each of her cheeks and along her sides that show up noticeably in photography and upon close-up viewing of the figure.

    As far as the paint goes, extensive use of the airbrush accentuates the curves and muscle tone of her body and really compliments the sculpting. Airbrush is also used to show variation in her hair and shading on her pants. The paint overall is beautiful and perfectly executed, with no visible mistakes or bleeding. The use of metallic paints, such as the gold and silver of her outfit and the green and purple accents really make the figure pop. The transfers used for her eyes and the butterfly emblems on her pants are nice as well.

    One last detail I would like to point out is the clear display stand that accompanies the figure. While she is generally not removable from the stand, there is a small screw holding her in place that could be removed if it had to. What I like about the stand is that it separates on the bottom, allowing you to place one of three included film sheets to customize the figure to your liking. One is the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 logo, the second is Shunya Yamashita’s artwork with the logo, and the third is an autograph by Tekken project director Katushiro Harada. This was a great little touch that wasn’t necessary but was greatly appreciated.

    Overall if you are of fan of Tekken, Shunya Yamashita, or just really beautiful female figures, you are sure to love the Bishoujo Tekken Tag Tournament Christie Monteiro. Kotobukiya currently has her in-stock HERE priced at $59.99.

    Review Sample courtesy of Kotobukiya

    Review & Photos by Michael Klein

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