Dino and Monster Fighters...

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Every year LEGO introduces several original properties to its line-up, 2012 being no exception. Some - like NinjaGo - stick around for years with their newfound success, while others live a brief, but imaginative life on toy store shelves. Which of the following shown at Toy Fair do you think has a shot at 2013?

DINO (In Stores Now)

LEGO creates a jungle world where a team of scientists are trying to keep the dinosaurs away from the city.

Sets include: Ambush Attack, Raptor Chase, Tower Takedown, Triceratops Trapper, T-Rex Hunter and Dino Defense HQ.

Continued Success Chance: MODERATE

Dinosaurs, like spaceships and bugs, will always be a hot property with kids. However, with no major licensed tie-ins on the radar (ie: new Jurassic Park movie, video game, etc), LEGO Dino will no doubt go the way of the dino after a short, successful run.


Monster Fighters builds a bone-chilling world of classic monsters who have stolen the ancient moonstones to blot out the sun forever; but a team of Monster Fighters is out to ensure the sun never sets.

Sets include The Swamp Creature, The Mummy, The Werewolf, The Vampire Hearse, Mad Professor and His Monster, The Ghost Train, and Vampire Castle.

Continued Success Chance: HIGH

While these aren't licensed, we all know what these classic creatures are supposed to be. That equals instant recognition with both younger and older age groups. Like dinosaurs, monsters are guaranteed cool. Unlike Dino, Monster Fighters has a more interesting backstory that is sure to appeal to kids and collectors.

In short: Monster Fighters has more LEGO charm than Dino. But then again, both new properties are aimed at different age groups so who am I to judge? The kids will ultimately be the deciding factor...