August line-up revealed...

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While longtime Bionicle fans may have initially scoffed at LEGO's new Hero Factory, the series has come into its own and is proving quite popular with collectors. Here's what fans can look forward to this August from the "constraction" (constructible action figures) line.

* NEX (39 pieces) - Equipped with plasma shooter, laser cutter and high-impact shoulder armor and cuffs. $8.99

* THORNRAXX (44 pieces) - Insect-like warrior armed with venom spitter, deadly stinger and razor claws. $8.99

* XT4 (39 pieces) - Robot hero native to planet Mechna. His four arms come armed with razor disc slicers, 2 striking blades and a laser cutter. $8.99

* STRINGER (42 pieces) - Takes on extra-powerful villains suited in amplified armor, sonic speakers, powerful sonic blaster and hero cuffs. $8.99

* CORE HUNTER (51 pieces) - He's on th eloose in Makuhero City to disable as many Heroes as possible with his plasma shooter, multivision mask, razor spike armor and hero core remover tool. $12.99

* BULK (61 pieces) - Armed with missile launcher, hero plasma shooter, high-impact shoulder armor, pinpoint laser targeting and hero cuffs. $12.99

* BREEZ (55 pieces) - With powerful rocket boots, double-bladed sabre, plasma shooter, and a hex energy shield, Breez is the hero who masters the skies. $12.99

* VOLTIX (61 pieces) - Features ball shooting volt blaster, lightning whip, electricity spark elements and a voltage booster switch. $12.99

* STORMER XL (89 pieces) - Equipped with some of the most advanced equipment, like the power sword, hero plasma blaster, scout drones and hero cuffs.

* SPEEDA DEMON (192 pieces) - Making his escape to ice planet Kollix IV on his nitro rocket motorbike featuring wing blades, lightning bolt handlebars, razor wheels and lightning exhaust. $34.99