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    Hot Toys' MMS War Machine (Special Version)

    New MILK exclusive paint job makes for a new, comic-accurate beauty...

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    As previously announced back in October of last year (HERE), Hot Toys has created a new, more comic-accurate version of the Movie Masterpiece War Machine from Iron Man 2. Previously an exclusive to Hong Kong's MILK magazine, this new "special version" is now available from Sideshow Collectibles, providing western fans of this exclusive an affordable option to add it to their collection.

    Few things have changed compared to the originalWar Machine, which we originally reviewed last November HERE. While the new MMS War Machine (Special Version) has lost some of the accessories included with the original release, it has thankfully gained a couple of additions which will no doubt impress some fans and collectors.

    The figure comes in a jet black box with the figure's armored chest design embossed in gloss line art on the front. The center of the box front features the figure's title in simple white print: Iron Man 2, War Machine, Special Version. It is the simplicity of this design as well as other "Special Version" figures by Hot Toys - which really makes their exclusive packaging stand out when compared to the regular, heavily decorated and graphically intense packaging.

    The package's interior includes multiple levels of clear, form-fitted plastic which securely holds the figure as well as its accessories, parts, pieces, and weapons in place. Solidly constructed like all Hot Toys' packaging, the MMS War Machine (Special Version) is ready for display once the figure is weaponized.

    Speaking of weapons, the figure features all of those released with the original: the dual integrated underarm modified FN F2000 rifles, the pivoting, back-mounted modified M-134 minigun, the hidden missile mount in the right shoulder armor, and hidden single shot Ex-Wife Missile in the left shoulder armor (above).

    The first noticeable change to this figure is obviously the new paint application. While I've personally no idea how this particular color scheme was chosen, one can make an educated guess that because the character's comic counterpart bears similar colors, Hot Toys and MILK decided this would be the most attractive for a repaint.

    While some fans and collectors have complained about the seemingly simple color combination, when one sees the figure firsthand, it's nothing short of spectacular. The silver, white, and black boldly stand out from the sculpt and one another, providing plenty of impressive contrast to the already attractive design of the armor.

    The individual parts and pieces of the War Machine armor painted these three different colors give the figure a more robotic look than its previously released, solid gunmetal gray counterpart. This new paint job is something I personally appreciate as this re-release isn't simply a "battle damaged" version, but something which actually looks different.

    Something else well worth mentioning is the inclusion of the light-up "flying" base, which has been added to the previously released version's simple black, title base. This new light up base acts both as an impressive "lock down" environment from which to display the figure as well as a cool set from which the figure can be displayed in action and "flying" (above/below).

    The figure includes two sets of hands: a pair of fists and a more detailed second pair with individually articulated fingers (below). The original figure included four sets of interchangeable hands: the two here as well as a pair of open palms and a pair of relaxed palms. These are unfortunately not included with this special release. Likewise, only a single head sculpt featuring the full, unremovable helmet is included with this release; the second head featuring James Rhodes' face sculpt under a removable mask is not included here.

    These changes from the original release are disappointing and may sway some potential buyer's opinions on this piece. The inclusion of the two extra sets of hands and the extra head with Colonel Rhodes' face would have allowed for numerous additional display options, something most collector consider before spending this type of money on a collectible.

    Something else that's different from the original release is the light-up chest and palms, which are now both the same color as the figure's light-up eyes. This uniformity lends itself to accurately capture the character's comic book look and helps makes the figure look more robotic and menacing. I see this as a positive as I always though the contrasting red light-up eyes and blue-white chest/palms seemed odd on the original War Machine release.

    As for price, the figure's retail cost is relatively high all things considered. While the figure is an exclusive, it's become relatively easy to find in North America and, at $240, the MMS War Machine (Special Version) figure is $20 over the original War Machine's retail price of $220. That said, this figure supposedly features a smaller production run as well as a more complicated paint application. However, this figure also includes fewer accessories and, even with the impressive light up "flying" base, the lack of the additional interchangeable hands and head are things to consider for potential buyers.

    While the Iron Man 2: War Machine (Special Version) may not be for the casual fan or collector, if you're a fan of the many Iron Man armors already released by Hot Toys or if you're a fan of the War Machine character, you may want to give serious consideration to adding the MMS War Machine (Special Version) to your collection. It's an impressively designed figure with a beautiful color scheme, an awesome assortment of weapons, and a cool base that'll have your War Machine display immediately stand out from the rest of your 1/6th scale collectibles.

    The Hot Toys MMS War Machine (Special Edition) is IN STOCK now and available at Sideshow Collectibles and other fine retailers.

    For larger, more impressive photos of the MMS War Machine (Special Version) by Luka Figure Photography, be sure to CLICK HERE and check out our affiliate,

    - review by Jess C. Horsley
    - photos by Luka Figure Photography
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Re: Hot Toys' MMS War Machine (Special Version)

    Those photos are AWESOME! Love the blue geometric background.

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