New plush, Tineez, 6-inch figures, 24" Bender, more...

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Toynami's line of Futurama collectibles continues on in 2012 with the release of new action figures and plush. The main 6-inch action figure line is rebooting, so to speak, Toynami re-releasing Fry and Farnsworth as part of an "Encore Series". These figures will not include a bonus build-a-figure part. Bender will see a re-release as well, the popular Futurama character Toynami's best seller. Speaking of Bender, Toynami has plans for a towering 24" Anime Bender as part of their Shogun Warriors line. Featuring firing fists (of course!) this hot item will be limited to around 500 pieces and retail for approximately $200.

Toynami's series of Futurama Tineez will see a new Series 1.2 three-pack release featuring variants of Series 1's Zoidberg, Bender and Robot Devil. Characters include: Alternate Universe Zoidberg, Bumblebee Bender and Robot Devil with Violin. An all-new Series 2 will star Morbo, Nibbler and Fry.

Toynami's 12" Futurama plush assortment - starring Nibbler, Zoidberg and Bender - was so popular that they will be releasing the trio as 6" mini plush. The 12" series will continue on as well, Series 2 to see the release of Morbo, Kif and Hypnotoad.

Last but not least, Toynami's popular Talking Bender Deluxe Figure will receive company with the Talking Robot Devil. Pictured below as a prototype, the figure will not include the base - that was simply for display to show people it's hilarious voice commands. The final figure will have the electronics worked into the actual figure, just like Bender. Looking good!