The UNSC and Covenant building block battle continues this Fall...

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MEGA Brands' extensive line of Halo MEGA Bloks continues this year with a bounty of new ways to expand your epic play battles. Slated for release this Fall, new sets for both the UNSC and Covenant factions include:

* Halo Armory Pack II (SRP $5.99) - Includes all-new Air Assault Spartan in arctic armor w/ frag grenade and weapons crate and all-new Commando Elite in yellow armor with weapons crate.

* Combat Unit 8 (SRP $11.99) - Includes NEW color UNSC Cobalt unit and Covenant Silver unit. Comes complete with armory rack and weaponry and armory components.

* Brute Chieftain Charge (SRP $11.99) - Features Brute Chopper with Brute Chieftain with a never before seen gravity hammer.

* Drop Pods Assortment II (SRP $11.99) - NEW inspired pods: ODST Recon Specialist and Crimson Covenant Drop Pod with Combat Elite. NEW decorated weaponry.

* Orbital Banshee Blitz (SRP $21.99) - UNSC defense Turret included along with two micro action figures: Elite Pilot and EVA Spartan.

* Covenant Wraith (SRP $44.99) - Newly designed Wraith includes new armaments, plasma mortar and a brand new indigo color. Includes 3 micro action figures and terrain.

* Battlescape III (SRP $44.99) - The battlescape is fully tileable to expand your Halo skirmish. Set comes complete with buidable Enforcer and Forerunner outpost and two buildable Sentinels.

* Covenant Seraph (SRP $64.99) - Includes buildable display stand and two micro action figures including the all new Covenant General in gold harness.

* UNSC Rhino (SRP $84.99) - The UNSC Rhino has six independent treads, rotating cannon and two functional hatches. Comes complete with UNSC Scout in red armor, UNSC Marine, and two Special Ops Grunts and weaponry. Also includes buildable terrain with Forerunner structure.

* UNSC Sabre and Gantry (SRP $99.99) - This buildable UNSC starfighter comes equipped with deployable missile pods and working canopy. Set is complete with full gantry, launch pad, swivel ladder and control room. Also includes NEW UNSC Mark V Spartan, UNSC Sargent, UNSC Technician and 3 UNSC Marines with weaponry.