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    TF12 - The Munsters

    Classic creature family gets new toys...

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    One of Diamond Select's best lines of 2011 - The Munsters - will expand in 2012 with a few more toys. Completing most of the family this summer will be an Eddie and Marilyn Two-Pack (see our story HERE). Come September will be an all-new assortment. Munsters Series 2 will include Racer Herman, Racer Grandpa, and Lily w/Parasol. DST told us that the "Select" versions will pack a bonus piece to build the staircase and is considering Spot as part of that.

    Also announced was a black-and-white assortment based on Series 1's characters. Release on these figures to be decided.

    Lastly, Minimates Vehicles Series 4 will include the Munsters Koach (pictured below). Look for this hot rod in July.

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    Re: TF12 - The Munsters

    Man they had me falling out of my chair in surprise last year when Series 1 was announced and this year they've gone and done it again!

    I considered us Munster fans unbelievably lucky in getting even 1 series of Munsters figures but I never ever expected we'd get a Series 2!!

    If they do variants for Eddie and Marilyn too I think they should make Eddie from the episode where Grandpa accidentally causes Eddie to grow a beard (one of the most hilarious episodes ever, LOL).

    And it wasn't in the actual show, but Pat Priest did a photo shoot with the Munstermobile back when the show was still on the air in which "Marilyn" wore nothing but a skimpy leopardskin-print bikini. Yowza! (--Might have to resort to making that one myself as a custom...)

    Well, you just know I'm gonna to be buying the hell outta these. (Can't wait to see what accessories they come with this time. The last ones were outstanding!)

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    Re: TF12 - The Munsters

    I'd love more lab stuff for Grandpa's lab. -- Maybe that wall of machines you always see on the left side of the lab?

    The B & W figs are cool too. I really like the way Herman looks in B & W

    I would love some (60s TV) Addams Family figures too.

    Gilligan's Island
    Get Smart
    Beverly Hillbillies
    I Dream of Jeannie

    These are my fave comedies of all time!

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