The Samurai Rangers get "Super"...

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How can you top last season's Power Rangers Samurai? By making it "Super". Now in its 19th year in the U.S., 2012's Power Rangers Super Samurai will power-up our heroes with new weapons and Zords. Here's a quick rundown of what fans can expect:

* 4-Inch Figure Assortment

* 6.5-Inch Battle Morphin Figures (SRP $12.99) - These figures take the "action gimmick" to the next level by featuring an action knob on the back of the figure that can swiveled around for full 360 degree battle action.

* 2-Inch Mini Battle Figures

* Retrofire Megazords - 5 1/2" tall action figures (as opposed to the gimmicky larger figures) of Megazords throughout the Power Ranger's long history. Perfect for more serious collectors.

* 12-Inch Shogun Figures

* Role Play Items - Black Box Morpher, Shogun Helmet and more.

* Power Rangers Sword Cycles ($10.99) - These were pretty neat in that the blades on the cycle can be detached and used with the 4" figure line.

* Power Rangers Zord Vehicle with Figure ($14.99) - 4" figures can attach to the Zord Vehicle. Fans can also provide a powerful boost by collecting and combining the Zord Vehicle with multiple items in the ZordBuilder Collection (each sold separately): the Deluxe Megazord or Deluxe Vehicle. Or collect ALL the Zord Vehicles and Deluxe Megazords (each sold separately) and combine them together to create the Samurai BattleWing, Samurai Battle Cannon, or Samurai Gigazord!

* Deluxe Megazord (SRP $29.99) - When the iconic Megazords and Zords come together they form the Gigazord. This sleek take on the Rangers most powerful weapon has 3 creative ways to play:
- Morph to Megazord mode
- Morph to Space Ship mode
- Morph with other items in the ZordBuilder Collection (sold separately) to build a unique Megazord or Zord

* ZordBuilder Collection - Bandai has fused action and construction to deliver a creative play-pattern that allows fans to build show-accurate Zords and Megazords or an infinite number of their own Zord creations. A perfect example of the ZordBuilder collection is the Gigazord. As seen in the TV series the Gigazord is the ultimate Megazord, and can be created by combining 3 Deluxe Megazords and 4 Zords. That's 40 individual pieces, combining together to create the Power Rangers strongest weapon.

* Gigazord - The massive Gigazord will also be sold as a full kit for fans that don't want to collect the 3 Deluxe Megazords and 4 Zords to build him. Priced at around $150 and available Toys"R"Us.

I jokingly asked if fans could expect to watch "Power Rangers Super Awesome Samurai" next year and the Bandai rep replied "no," that the series would be returning to a new theme in 2013.