Are you ready for more Freddy?

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While NECA will be introducing Jason to their horror line up this year, they haven't forgotten about Freddy. The Nightmare on Elm Street star will return this fall with two new action figures AND two new prop replicas.

New Freddy figures for around September release include:

* Dream Warrior (from Part 3) - with hypodermic needle hands, marionette puppet and two interchangeable heads

* Dream Child (from Part 5) - with alternative head, deformed limbs and a cool "demon child"

Also on tap for fall is the long awaited Freddy Krueger Marionette (pictured below) as well as a new bladed glove prop replica. The glove will be from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, which is similar to the Part 1 glove (read our review HERE), but as any Freddy fan will tell you, with numerous differences (more talon-like blades, etc). If you are wondering why NECA appears to be a focusing on Part 3 this year, that's because 2012 marks 25th anniversary for Dream Warriors. "Welcome to prime time..."