The King of Monsters takes on the vinyl toy world...

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The King of Monsters had a prominent spot on Bandai's showroom floor with new Godzilla action figures and vinyl. Bandai's great series of roto-cast 'zilla figures will continue this spring in a new "Fusion Series". This assortment features cool new paint redecos. Look for Mechagodzilla with a sparkling metallic color scheme, Gigan, Mothra, Final Wars Godzilla and Burning Godzilla. The two Godzilla figures really showed off the new "Fusion" element with vibrantly painted back scales replicating his radioactive power-up.

New on display was a unique "Tokyo Vinyl" series starring a great stylized look similar to collectibles in the designer toy scene. In fact, this series was designed by a renown designer toy artist - TOMA - best known for his work with Toy2R on Knuckle Bear. Unlike the designer toy scene, these new Tokyo Vinyl figures will be mass produced and affordable, each figure priced around $16.99. Look for Mechagodzilla, Millennium Godzilla and Godzilla the First to launch the line this spring.