The iconic heroes in a half shell return in a major way...

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are set to take the world by storm this year beginning with an all new animated series exclusively on Nicktoons. The new toy line based on the show surpasses all other lines announced at the show this year by leaps and bounds starting off with the largest play set released in any toy line to date. The new Secret Sewer Lair Playset is a towering 42" in height and features tons of play features and and details that is sure to provide hours of fun for kids and will significantly appeal to adult collectors as well.

The all new Shellraiser (Street to Sewer Assault Vehicle)features several play features including a somersault kick mechanism for your Turtle figures. The toy line will also feature several additional vehicles of varying size such as the Skateboard ripping riders (figures not included) with ramps which perform different stunts depending on the positioning of the figure. There will also be some great motorcycles vehicles with finger-flick missiles. The vehicle with figure assortment will include the Shell roadster with Rafael and Dragon Chopper with exclusive foot soldier figure has flipping technology that launches figure of the bike and ready for battle.

The new 6" TMNT Classics figures were also on display along with their retro-styled packaging and looked fantastic in person. TMNT should definitely be excited about all the great new Turtle toys come later this year.