MARVEL's superheroes set to invade toy aisles in 2012...

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Between the upcoming Avengers and Amazing Spiderman films releasing later this year, 2012 is shaping up to be ruled by the Marvel universe and Hasbro has pulled out all the stops with this year's product roll-out. To kick things off, Hasbro revealed their 2012 Marvel Universe assortments which will consist of:
(Wave 1)Beta Ray Bill, Kraven, Ultimate Spiderman (Paperbag Spidey variant), Beast-Astonishing X-Men and Incredible Hulk (new sculpt)
(Wave 2)Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, FF Spidey, Punisher (new sculpt) and Kang
(Wave 3)Puck, Angel, Hercules (classic), Nova and Nighthawk
(Wave 4)Professor X with Hover Chair, Jubilee, Blastarr (the rest TBA)
Deth's Head (2013 teaser image)

Hasbro also had packaged samples of the 1st and 2nd waves of the all new Marvel Legends assortment on hand and revealed three new figures which will make up the 3rd wave:
-Mystique (not on display)
-US Agent.

The presentation also gave attendees a glimpse into the future with the reveal of the upcoming 6" Hyperion figure coming in 2013.