Hello all,

I'm actually new here, and let me apologise if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

I just registered because I have a question to ask other marvel universe collectors and no one to ask in person about it. I got into the marvel universe 3.75" line by actually selling a handful and thought wow these are really nice looking with the detail, scale and articulation and thought decided to keep some for myself, so I started collecting from there. I'm more of a recent collector of these figures but came across something odd when looking for a new figure to add to my shelf.

I started looking for a hobgoblin on the marvel universe side. I noticed that on the back of the box art as well as other stock photos of the MU hobgoblin that he has a thigh joint in those photos, however the figure doesnt. Anyone know why that is? I've seen the spiderman fiercest foes hobgoblin but thats not the same one. I'm just one of those guys that wants whats in the picture vs the box. I caught on when visiting a site that was to my luck sold out but its a great photo that shows the joint:
Marvel Universe Carded Hob Goblin other than the back of the box that is.

If anyone knows if theres a variant I should be looking for please let me know I'd appriciate it, and also if this has happened with any other figures were as whats in the box is not whats in the picture on the box. thanks in advance.