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    Sideshow Collectibles Predators: Falconer Maquette Exclusive Edition

    A new statue of the galaxy's greatest hunter now available...

    Click HERE to purchase your own Sideshow Collectibles' Falconer Maquette - Sideshow Exclusive Edition


    Click HERE to purchase your own Sideshow Collectibles' Falconer Maquette (Non-Exclusive Edition)

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    There's no doubt the Predators franchise continues to be one of fandom's favorites. Considering the number of prop replicas, action figures, statues, and collectibles based on the various Predator films and video games, it stands to reason collectors would continue to pick up their favorites. Now, thanks to the KNB EFX Group and Sideshow Collectibles, fans of the latest film - Predators - can pick up a new statue based on one of the most unique hunters seen on-screen: The Falconer.

    The Falconer Maquette stands 14.5" high, 16" wide, and 14" deep in a crouched position atop a base covered with foliage, bones, and skulls (above). Made of durable polystone and constructed in four pieces - base, body and limbs, head, and right blade arm - the statue's dynamic pose and beautiful detail work instantly catch the eye and ensure it receives attention. This makes it a gorgeous addition to any die-hard Predators fan's collection.


    Like most of Sideshow's statues, the figure comes disassembled and securely packaged inside of a styrofoam container inside an eye-catching package featuring colorful photographs and graphics. The outside of the box features the red and black color combination along with a close-up of the Falconer's mask on a corner of the box, providing a view of the beast's helm from both the front and side. The back of the box features a full image of that statue, ensuring fans know what's in store once they open up the box of awesome.


    As can be seen by the turnaround images above, The Falconer Statue is expertly sculpted and painted. Brought to life by the fine folks at the KNB EFX Group, the team of special effects artists who brought to life the galaxy's greatest hunters in the film Predators, there's no doubt you're getting the best of the best here. And, in case you doubt their skill, this genius group of talent has also helped bring to life the special effects in such films and TV shows as Transformers 1 - 3, The Chronicles of Narnia, and AMC's The Walking Dead. With an impressive resume like that, it's easy to see why this statue is so impressive.

    Larger than the 1/6 scale Hot Toys figures but smaller than the 1/4 scale Predator statue, The Falconer Maquette is approximately 1/5 scale and makes for a great display piece for those with a decent-sized shelf, table, or flat space. The sculpting is brilliant with the minute scales of the warrior's skin perfectly captured, the multi-part armor of the hunter's suit exquisitely detailed, and the various interest points - including the bladed gauntlet, the mask, and the leg armor (above, below)- all drawing the eye and attention.

    The figure's pose - dynamically crouched with his right, bladed hand drawn back, ready to strike - makes for an impressive display (above). At first look, the body's proportions seem slightly thinner than first seen on-screen; but upon further examination (and knowing that the folks responsible for bringing the film's effects to life also brought this statue to life), the proportions are spot-on and film accurate.

    Something of note is the detail included in the base (above, further below). The base alone is a work of art, with loads of detail included. Be it the pile of skulls upon which The Falconer crouches (no doubt his trophies from various hunts) or the detailed grass, broken armor pieces, or even freshly mangled body parts (below), it all helps make this a gorgeous statue.


    The Falconer's sculpt is only further complimented by the impressive paint application, which includes the matte silvers from the warrior's armor and weapon and the subtle greens, browns, and tans from the creature's skin and body. The reptilian body especially is impressive and every minute detail has been included in the armor as well - from the bright silver nicks from battle damage to the silver ringlets around the dreadlocks. Likewise, the base features gorgeous colors which help bring to life the beast standing atop it. From the yellowing shades on the skull trophies, lush green grass, and flesh still clinging to the torn-apart ribcage of the warrior's food, the base too is, as previously mentioned, a work of art.


    Like all Sideshow Exclusive editions, The Falconer exclusive includes a little something special. Limited to only 300 pieces, the exclusive includes an exclusive art print featuring The Falconer; a nice additional display piece to put next to your statue or feature as a part of your Predators display.


    With a retail price of $285, The Falconer Sideshow Exclusive Edition will attract the die-hard Predators fans. While non-fans will no doubt find the statue impressive, they may not be willing to invest this amount of money. That said, the non-exclusive edition of the statue (limited to 750 pieces) is also available, but it's only $10 less. For those fans looking to pick this statue up, the additional $10 is well worth the cost considering you get a limited edition art print which is a great compliment to the statue and no doubt your display.

    Overall, The Falconer Sideshow Exclusive Edition Statue features an amazingly detailed sculpt in a cool, action-packed pose, a beautiful, film-accurate paint application which compliments the sculpt perfectly, and a cool art print. Aimed at fans who like the more exotic Predator designs or fans who collect pieces based on the Predators film, The Falconer Sideshow Exclusive Edition will make many collectors very happy when it finds its way to their display case!

    Click HERE to buy the The Falconer Sideshow Exclusive Edition, IN-STOCK and ready to ship now from

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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