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    Revised 2012 MOTUC Shipping Schedule

    Figures announced to still ship, just on a different date...

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    Mattel's Brand Manger Scott Neitlich, aka ToyGuru, shares news of a revised 2012 Masters of the Universe Classics shipping schedule. Why is it revised? Read on...

    He-Fans and She-Ravers,

    First, Demo-Man has arrived in our warehouse and should start shipping out in the next few days. We will post a confirmation when he starts to ship. But just when we thought we made it through the Demo-Man delay with clear skies ahead, it looks like our carefully planned release schedule has hit some turbulence.

    When we lay out the line each year, we very consciously try to plan it so there are not too many items in one month to help spread out the purchase price over the year. When it comes to shipping items according to plan, MOTUC has had relatively clear skies for a few years. Unfortunately, logistical issues we could not avoid (yes, I know how you feel about that word!) have knocked our schedule around. We will still ship all of the figures we announced, they just may not be in the same month as originally intended.

    We've looked at the full year and it looks like we will be back on track with figures starting in July. But between now and then, here is the revised shipping schedule for MOTUC and the 30th Anniversary Series:


    * Star Sisters - Club Eternia multipack


    * Sorceress - Club Eternia figure
    * Fisto – Club Eternia figure
    * Fearless Photog - MOTU 30th Anniversary Series figure
    * Shadow Weaver & Preternia Map – shipping automatically to sub holders, not for sale


    * Kobra Kahn - Club Eternia Figure


    * Thunder Punch He-Man - Club Eternia variant with mini-comic issue 1
    * Draego-Man - MOTU 30th Anniversary Series figure


    * Stinkor - Club Eternia figure
    * Slush Head - Club Eternia figure
    * Snake Mountain Stands – non-subscription item


    * Horde Prime - Club Eternia figure
    * Snake Man-at-Arms - Club Eternia variant figure with mini-comic issue 2
    * The Mighty Spector - MOTU 30th Anniversary Series figure


    * Griffin - Club Eternia beast
    * Monthly Club Eternia Figure – to be revealed at NYTF
    * MOTU 30th Anniversary Series Figure – to be revealed at NYTF

    Why a complete revamp of the schedule? We didn't want to get into another situation like with Demo-Man (see our story HERE) and sell a figure before the full quotas arrived. While a few figures are shipping in different months then originally intended, this new release schedule should ensure there are fewer shipping delays like we had in December.

    Please keep in mind this new schedule is subject to change, just like the first one. MOTUC products are handmade and hand-painted overseas, so schedule changes are bound to happen. But don't worry, because at the end of the year, you’ll ideally have all the figures we promised for 2012.

    We do appreciate your patience and understanding. Our goal is to deliver the best figures and the best buying experience. Improvements will continue to be made and we will do our best to update everyone if any further changes are needed. There are a ton more surprises in store for the MOTU 30th Anniversary, with a reveal of two of the most fan-demanded figures ever at New York Toy Fair on February 12th! I can't wait for our big collector night!

    Toy Guru

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    Re: Revised 2012 MOTUC Shipping Schedule

    I know I'm trained to be mad at anything Mattel says, but dude I am so stoked at the opportunity to grab Fisto and Sorceress in the same month!

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