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    1/4th Scale PREDATOR Action Figures Announced

    All the movies in the sci-fi franchise to be represented...

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    Hot Toys announces that in addition to 1/6th scale action figures, the company will soon be releasing 1/4th scale collectible figures of the entire Predator movie series. This includes the films Predator, Predator 2, Predators, Alien vs. Predator (AVP) and Aliens vs Predator – Requiem (AVPR). Not only will the famed alien hunters receive the new size treatment, but Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch too. Hot Toys states that the new scale will allow for greater detail and improved quality, including the use of die-cast on the masks and some body armors. Further details to be announced.

    Exciting news for the die-hard fan. However, with the price of a Hot Toys 1/6th scale figure already running $200+, my burning question is: How much is a 1/4 scale figure going to cost? What are your thoughts? Post them below...

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    Re: 1/4th Scale PREDATOR Action Figures Announced

    My thoughts, thoughts. My thoughts are that this is a ridiculous scheme, They've blazed through EVERY single predator from EVERY film, then ran out so they decided to make their own up (Samurai Predator) and now they've decided to repeat themselves yet again by creating EVERY predator from EVERY film again, but wait, in 1/4 scale! I see no need in this line at all, the fact they won't give up on predators even when they've done them all annoys me, when they could be putting their resources into better figures. And you're absolutely right, with their figures now reaching above $250+, how the much are these monstrosities going to cost? In such a bad economy how will they think people will buy figures they already own but in a bigger scale? Frankly, you might as well stick with the NECA 1/4 scale predators if you truly want one in that scale, and at a reasonable price. I assume these will continue until they are 1/1 scale which will eventually bankrupt them and maybe, just MAYBE, they'll see the errors of their ways.
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    Re: 1/4th Scale PREDATOR Action Figures Announced

    I'm done with HTs. Too fragile and expensive. Give me a Sideshow statue instead.

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    Re: 1/4th Scale PREDATOR Action Figures Announced

    I have mixed feelings about this. I'll start with 1/6th scale.

    Yes they've done all the Predators already but you have to admit they've come a long way from their early lines. (AVP, Predator 2, even AVP:R) If this means they are re-releasing say their AVP Preds or the Elder from Predator 2 then I'm game. Ebay prices are ridiculous for those guys and the figures aren't even that great. It could be my chance to complete my collection.

    If we get some updated Predator releases then I'll buy the ones I don't have. As for them re-releasing newer models or ones I already own I'll probably pass those up. It depends what they release and how much they cost. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. (Although a better idea would be to revisit the Aliens line. Ripley and Hicks are painful. )

    As for 1/4th scale um why? Hot Toys does 1/6th scale, not 1/4th. Quarter scale figures are rare and are usually fulfilled through statues and the like. I don't understand why HT feels the need to produce figures in this scale; especially if they are the exact same figures as they older or re-released 1/6 scale figures.

    After the success of NECA's quarter scale Predators maybe they thought they could do the same. Interesting to see how the two will compare.

    All in all I love the Predator franchise and love Predator figures. I understand that this is one character that will be re-released over and over again due to its popularity. HT's new expansion comes with mixed feelings. I welcome new figures but which ones they produce and how much they cost will influence which, if any, I buy. Exciting stuff for 2012 that's for sure!
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    Re: 1/4th Scale PREDATOR Action Figures Announced

    great news! can't wait for p2 city hunter, elder p2 and wolf.
    the more predators, the better.

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