Be one of the 12% of Americans that achieves their resolutions...

45% of Americans set New Year’s Resolutions but only 12% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions.

No matter what you collect, there is one thing collectors all have in common: they are passionate about their collection. However many have not taken the steps necessary to protect their personal passion and significant investment.

Many collectors are under the false assumption that their collection is covered by their homeowners policy. Designed to protect personal property, homeowners insurance is probably insufficient to safeguard collectibles.

Homeowners insurance may:

* Limit personal property coverage to a percentage of the residence value (50-70%),

* Limit the amount payable for theft of some valuable items,

* And not cover losses due to flood, hurricane and earthquake.

* Finally, claims settlement may be based on actual cash value rather than the replacement value of the collectible.

The best way to protect a collection is with a separate policy specifically designed to insure collectibles.

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Since 1966, Collectibles Insurance Services has been "insuring today's treasures from tomorrow's tragedy." As a company founded by fellow collectors, we understand that your collection is worth so much more than just money. And as experts in collectibles insurance, we know standard homeowners insurance alone isn't enough to replace your treasures.