Assembling this spring...

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In addition to key characters seeing release as Marvel Select figures (see our story HERE), Diamond Select will be releasing a full wave of Avengers movie Minimates. Hitting stores this spring, there will be two assortments of Avengers Minimates, one exclusively available at Toys"R"Us stores and on, and another only at comic book shops and specialty stores. These include:

Marvel Minimates Wave 45 (Specialty stores/comic shops)
- Captain America & Thor
- Iron Man MK7 & Hulk
- Nick Fury & REDACTED (exclusive)
- Maria Hill & REDACTED (exclusive)

Marvel Minimates - The Avengers (Toys"R"Us/
- Captain America & Thor
- Iron Man MK7 & Hulk
- Hawkeye & Black Widow (exclusive)
- Loki & REDACTED (exclusive)

Additionally, there will be an assortment of single-packed figures available at comic and specialty shops that will showcase the various classes of SHIELD agents, and will be your only place to pick up Dr. Bruce Banner.

Source: DST