Our latest Q&A provides insight on MOTUC, Ghostbusters and CARS...

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With the PKE Meter and Ghost Trap now under your belt, can we expect to see more Prop Replicas for Ghostbusters?

You'll have to wait and see!
When can fans expect to get their first look at the upcoming Granamyr figure?

Likely not until SDCC 2012 similar to when we revealed the Windraider for fall 2011 at SDCC 2011.
How many othern characters do you plan to release before fans can finally get their hands on NA versions of He-Man or Skeletor?

You will need to wait and see! We do look forward to getting to both of these variants in time.
How is the CARS 2 line doing at retail? Can we expect to see more from this franchise in 2012?

It is doing great and you will see a lot more great CARS product in the future.
You previously mentioned more characters from CARS 1 getting released. Are there still plans for them and when can we expect them?

Yes, we will return to CARS 1 characters in time but no exact plans to announce now.

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