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    ADVANCE LOOK: NECA Predators Series 4

    Make way for the tribe...

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    Collectors have been anxiously waiting for the release of the Predator "Lost Tribe" figures ever since NECA first announced their plans to produce them. The wait is almost over now that the first three tribe members are scheduled to release later this month. This new assortment consists of Boar, Shaman and an unmasked City Hunter Predator.

    The latest trinity of Predator figures feature the same stylized blister card package design as the previous Predator waves, only this time around the Predator mask profile on the backer card is that of the City Hunter. The front insert features an image of each particular Predator and its name. The back of the blister card offers a small bio and mini-specs on the Predator in question. The card back also showcases a photo of the new Predators in this new assortment.

    This new series is made up three very distinctively different Predators which have their own unique details, weapons and accessories. The City Hunter sculpt is the most detailed of the bunch with his various armored parts and facial details. The uniquely styled armored parts are rendered beautifully as expected and the details on the head sculpt are top notch.

    The Boar Predator has its own armor and ornate chest piece which makes him unique from the rest. The Boar has a very distinctive mask that bares the semi-likeness of a snouted animal. The mask has a distinctive triangle pattern etched on both opposite sides of the mouth piece which resembles the look of teeth.

    The Shaman Predator wears only one armored shoulder piece on his left shoulder and includes an awesome ornate ceremonial staff. The Shaman has a very distinct head sculpt with larger mandibles than the rest of the predators. He also has a large ornate clasp holding several of his tendrils together down the middle of his back. The Shaman also has very long mandibles and much longer tendrils which signifies he may be an older tribe member. The sculpt work on all these figures by the NECA creative team deserves merit with the fantastic job they have done in rendering each predator to the best of their abilities.

    The color applications on these Predators are very detailed and vibrant. Each accesory, weapon and armored piece on the Predators is colored accurately with no visible bleeding or blotching. The City Hunter stands out significantly from the trio with his vibrant skin earthtones that contrast significantly against his weathered copper-colored armor. The Boar‘s skin is also colored in bolder hues with silver armored parts making him stand out among the other figures in the assortment. The Shaman has a light cream color to his body with black spotting, which does not match up to the cool gray colors on the prototype images featured on the packaging. Im not exactly sure if the final colors on the Shaman are the accurate ones or whether this was simply a miscommunication at the factory but I prefer the light gray deco and overall look. The body netting and accessories are colored very nicely and significantly enhance the overall look of each figure in this assortment.

    NECA has amped up the articulation on the Predators this time around, making the figures a heck of a lot more versatile for display. The Shaman, Boar and City Hunter all feature brand new double-jointed knees and ball-socket joints at the crotch allowing the figures to be placed in cool crouching positions. This new articulation improves the Predator figures by leaps and bounds, especially on the City Hunter, which can now be displayed crouching on the edge of a building rooftop to resemble scenes from the film.

    The latest batches of Predator figures include the following articulation:

    - Ball-Jointed Neck
    - Ball-Jointed Shoulders
    - Ball-Jointed Crotch Joints
    - Ball-Jointed Ankles
    - Ball-Jointed Wrists
    - Swivel/Hinged Elbows
    - Swivel Waist
    - Swivel Thigh

    The latest assortment of Predator figures is an absolute must-have for sci-fi and Predator collectors alike. NECA continues to improve upon the sculpted details, paint quality and articulation on the Predator figures making it one of the hottest movie-based figure collections on the market today.

    With the inclusion of the recently released Elder Predator, this new wave makes up the first four members of the Lost Tribe with six more Predators remaining to complete the entire clan. Be on the look out for this new wave of Predator figures on store pegs very soon..

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of NECA

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    Re: ADVANCE LOOK: NECA Predators Series 4

    Oh man I can't wait! These are simply AWESOME!!!!!!

    Thanks for a great review as always!


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    Re: ADVANCE LOOK: NECA Predators Series 4

    Can't wait! My elder is so very lonely.....

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