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    ADVANCE LOOK: Predator Toys"R"Us Exclusive 2-Pack

    Old meets new in this exciting gift set...

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    NECA has been keeping really busy providing fans with amazing action figures of everyone’s favorite other-worldly hunters, the Predators. Aside from all the great action figure assortments released this year, including the soon-to-be-released Series 4 (review to come, see our photos HERE), NECA will be releasing a brand new action figure 2-pack which consists of a camouflaged version of the Berserker Predator and a masked version of the City Hunter Predator. This set will be available exclusively through Toys"R"Us just in time for the holidays in early December.

    The new exclusive 2-pack is packaged in the same large-sized clamshell as last year's Alien/Predator 2-pack. The design and graphics incorporate elements from both the Predator 2 and Predators films and meshes them together seamlessly into one colorful and visually pleasing composition. The front inserts feature high resolution images of the two predators on opposite sides along with their names and accessories they each include.

    The back insert of the package features a mini bio of both the Berserker and City Hunter along with a photo of the entire Lost Tribe... the ten Predators seen at the end of Predator 2 which will all see action figures made.

    Although this new gift set consists of two re-paints of existing Predator figures, it includes several newly sculpted accessories. Included such is an amazing Berserker Predator skull, as well two versions of the City Hunter's battle spear (extended and concealed ), his trusty throwing disc and a clean version of the trophy skull with spine feature with this year‘s Comic-Con Gort Predator figure (read our review HERE). The City Hunter also includes an interchangeable left hand for gripping the trophy skull and his battle spear.

    The Berserker packs a hyper-extended blade that attaches to his gauntlet and a really cool forest back drop standee that resembles his body camo. The sculpted details on the new accessories are truly jaw dropping and they add a lot of value to this already fantastic set of figures.

    The color application on both Predators is truly amazing as always and the unique dark colored deco on the Berserker camo is true eye candy to say the least. Some of the body parts on the Berserker are molded out of clear plastic to resemble it’s translucency when the environmental camo technology is switched on and looks great when lined-up properily with the forest backdrop.

    The City Hunter’s paint seems to be a bit glossier in comparison to the unmasked single-carded version, giving it a more organic look overall. Both versions of the battle staff are colored incredibly well and capture the realistic look of weathered wood through several different paint methods which include dry-brushing. The trophy spine with skull and the Berserker skull are colored perfectly well in various shades of gray and whites which gives these pieces a realistic bone look.

    While the Berserker Preadator retains his original basic articulation, the City Hunter includes additional ball-socket joints at the crotch and double-jointed knees that allow him to be posed in kneeling and crouching positions that the previous Predator figures cannot achieve. As an added bonus, NECA has also added an articulated jaw on the Berserker skull which is a really cool little bonus with this exclusive set.

    There is no doubt that NECA has truly put a lot of love into this new 2-pack from Toys"R"Us and it seems that this may be the only way for collectors to get their hands on a masked version of the City Hunter Predator which makes this gift set an absolute must-have for die-hard Predator fans. The accessories included with this brand new 2-pack are a great way to amp up your City Hunter’s arsenal of weapons or as customization fodder to beef up your other Predator figures with.

    While an SRP has not been officially announced at press time, its safe to say that this gift set will probably set you back about $30-$35, a fair value considering you get two figures and a slew of accessories. Keep it locked on for more advanced looks at upcoming Predator figures and other NECA collectibles and we’ll see you in the toy aisles.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of NECA

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    Re: Predator Toys"R"Us Exclusive 2-Pack

    Thank you for posting this review!

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    Re: Predator Toys"R"Us Exclusive 2-Pack

    See, you didn't have to wait long

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    Re: ADVANCE LOOK: Predator Toys"R"Us Exclusive 2-Pack

    That's awesome that they included a backdrop for Berserker. This is an incredible set and I say it tops last year's Alien/Predator 2-pack.

    I want it NAOW!!

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    Re: ADVANCE LOOK: Predator Toys"R"Us Exclusive 2-Pack

    City Hunter includes additional ball-socket joints at the crotch and double-jointed knees

    These few words made my day!!!!! I hope all future Predators have these added joints!

    Thanks for a great review!


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